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Huseyin's words...

The scarring victim Huseyin Ulger was one of the most rewarding cases I have worked on at the Crown Clinic.

He came to me after being horrifically burned during an accident when he was aged just four after boiling oil was spilled on his head. He received third degree burns

He had lived with the scars from his injuries - which had left a huge bald patch around his crown – all his adult life.

By the time he came to me he was in his 30s and happily married with a young child.

But the injuries had shattered his confidence and he wore a cap all the time to cover them up.

He wanted to know if we could cover up his bald patch and restore his lost hair.

It was a huge undertaking for me – and one that I could not achieve alone.

Before I could operate I had to send Huseyin to an eminent doctor in France, Patrick Frechet.

Dr Frechet is a world pioneer in what we doctors call scalp extension or gain of tissue. He operated on Huseyin – putting ‘expanders’ in his scalp – which meant the skin on his scalp was more relaxed and suitable for hair transplantation.

After Dr Frechet’s terrific work, I was able to transplant 1200 grafts on the damaged skin of Huseyin’s scalp – covering up the scarring.

He was delighted with the results – and immediately stopped wearing his cap.

Huseyin, a shop worker who lives with his family in London, told me: "I have been given a whole new lease of life. The operation has given me so much more confidence. I am so glad I had it done and I wish I ‘d seen you years earlier."

As you can see in the pictures of Huseyin after the operation, the transformation is remarkable.

He has a full head of hair in the 'after' pictures and you would never know about all the suffering he had gone through before his transplant.

I am so pleased that my team - and the wonderful Dr Frechet - were able to bring such happiness to a lovely man.