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Patient history

Why the procedure is necessary

Over-plucked eyebrows in teenage years and twenty's to the point where hair growth became non existent. Had semi-permanent work done, but did not give a natural appearance.

Initial consultation

Customers anxieties

I was given a clear indication of what to expect and what the realistic expectation.

Details of the procedure


To get a natural shaped eyebrow and to fill in the gaps.

Any complication/resolutions

No complications.

Time taken to perform the eyebrow transplant

I think I was in surgery for approximately 3 hours


2 Follow up meetings, clear instruction on aftercare given.

Joanne's testimonial

I had thin eyebrows without shape and substance, invisible and without purpose. It was always the first feature I noticed on others, and without doubt a good brow, well defined and manicured enhances not only the eye, but the whole face and as features may age they can help you have a more youthful appearance.

And, that is why, once I knew it could be done, it was an easy decision to have brow implants! The results are great, so pleased with the finished article, my eyes look so different, brighter and well defined. I look at other people now and realise my eyebrows look as good as there's a fantastic confidence boost!!