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Clinics in Manchester, Harley Street - London
EK, Aberdeenshire

I had treatment from Crown Cosma Clinic in May 2008.  I can truly say it has made a huge confidence boost to my wellbeing, After 1 year of surgery.  I have no problems recommending Crown Cosma to anyone who has a similar hair loss problem.

BC, Cheadle

I found the initial consultation very honest and open about expectations which was refreshing.  I’m very happy with the results of my transplant and scar revision surgeries.  I’d like to thank Dr. Shahmalak and his team for their professionalism and care during all stages of my treatment.”

PJ, Bridlington

…May I take this opportunity to Mr Shahmalak for treating my son in such a sensitive, caring and professional manner…

GF, Belfast

I am very pleased with the result of my transplant treatment and offer my thanks and appreciation to Dr Shahmalak and his team for the care and professionalism they displayed at each stage of the treatment.  The surgery itself was a lengthy process which took up to 8 hour and I acknowledged the skill and stamina of Dr Shahmalak and the technicians who worked tirelessly to achieve the maximum transplants available for me.  I look in the mirror with a greater confidence each morning and am happy to see a full head of hair.

CM, Cheshire

Initial consultation was very informative.  Having taken the decision to proceed with surgery everything was arranged very quickly.
The surgery itself was a not too unpleasant experience, very minor pain.  All the hospital staff were very nice and everything was explained thoroughly at all stages.  All matters regarding the procedure and aftercare were handled very discreetly.
I would highly recommend, it’s been 6 months and the results are already very apparent.

MJ, Manchester

Initial consultation was refreshingly honest with a short and long term view in respect to the procedure and after care.
The facilities and surgery was above expectations in respect to attention to detail for patient care and experience.  The procedure was clearly explained.  The team were professional in respect to care.
Post surgery was not as uncomfortable or as painful as I expected, however, be aware the aching neck takes longer to get over!

KB, Newcastle

I would like to thank the professionalism of the surgeon and his team at Crown Cosma Clinic, Manchester.  I had scar revision and the remainder grafts transplanted in 2007.  I have had quite a number of procedures at different clinics throughout the country over the years and quite honestly can say that if Dr Shahmalak was available at the time I would have had no hesitation of using him and his team.
From meeting him at Manchester the whole matter was dealt with total professionalism and discretion.  As for me, I met Dr Shahmalak too late, but what he did made a big difference especially with donor area scarring.
So if you are considering any hair transplant surgery or scar revision, you should certainly consult with Dr Shahmalak and the Crown Cosma Clinic, you will not be disappointed.
All the best for the future.

BL, Ireland

It is now one year since my beard transplant surgery.  The overall results have been good and I am very pleased with the outcome.  Growth took about 8/9 months to start and when it did it filled in very quickly.
I would now like to proceed with a follow-up procedure with the sideburn areas as previously discussed.
Once again, many thanks to you and all your staff for your kindness, professionalism and understanding.
I look forward to seeing you all soon.

VK, Liverpool

I found Crown Cosma Clinic to be very professional and knowledgeable in both consultation and pre-surgery.  5 months after the surgery, I have already noted significant difference, with further progress expected in the next 5 months.
I found the Surgeon and his team to be very pleasant, understanding and patient during the surgical procedure.  With the initial results I have had, I would definitely recommend the clinic to others.

WB, Lancashire

The experience was I am glad that this is over.  The beginning was very good with an initial settle time began injections were given.  The staff were fantastic and made sure you were comfortable and encouraged you to take breaks.
The Surgeon was terrific explaining proceeding if you requested this and giving technical detail.
The process did take longer than anticipated but it was worth it.  8 months after consultation the grafts have done exceptionally well.