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Exclusive Stories

Claire Culverwell Eyebrow transplant

Claire Culverwell spent £3,500 on an EYEBROW transplant after over plucking ruined her appearance.

The dental professional was left with just a few hairs on her brows after permanently damaging them by plucking for over 14 years with tweezers.

Before the procedure, she was so short of…

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Calum Best Hair Transplant

Calum Best came to the Crown Clinic because he had been losing his hair since his early 20s and he felt a hair transplant would boost his confidence.

As well as being the son of the late Manchester United soccer legend George Best, Calum is a successful actor…

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Adeleh from Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies

Dr Shahmalak stars in Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies - available to watch now on 4oD - treating a transsexual who had suffered a botched hair transplant.

Adeleh went to Thailand for a hair transplant on the cheap after suffering male pattern baldness from taking testosterone before being diagnosed…

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David Fleeshman Hair Transplant

Whenever I look in the mirror now, a younger, more confident, slightly more attractive man looks back at me. Prior to the amazing surgery conducted by Mr. Asim Shahmalak and his wonderful team at Crown Cosma Clinic the image that stared back at me in the mirror was of…

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