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David Fleeshman Hair Transplant

Posted in on Tue, May 15, 2012

Whenever I look in the mirror now, a younger, more confident, slightly more attractive man looks back at me. Prior to the amazing surgery conducted by Mr. Asim Shahmalak and his wonderful team at Crown Cosma Clinic the image that stared back at me in the mirror was of an ageing person with a hairline that had been receding for many years and would no doubt continue to recede as I was slowly becoming the cliché bald, fat old man.

I wasn’t even aware that my self-esteem, self-image and confidence were at such a low ebb. It is only now, six months after the surgery that the full head of hair that I now have makes me feel like a totally different person. It even motivated me to lose some weight.

The care and attention I received from Mr. Shahmalak, from the initial consultation through to the six months analysis of the results, was impeccable. Every step of the way I was kept informed about what was happening and what to expect next. The surgery itself was relatively painless, the recovery period very quick, in fact I was back at work within 24 hours, sporting a hat and sunglasses admittedly, to hide the slight swelling which was soon to disappear. Within a week of surgery I had flown abroad on a quick holiday, was swimming in the Mediterranean and even diving into the water off the side of a boat with no detriment to the grafts on my head.

I can highly recommend this procedure of hair restoration. Mr. Shahmalak and his team are both experts and pioneers in this field. The healing of the scar from the donor area is virtually invisible and there is no trace whatsoever that I have had any surgery. Asim, who I refer to by his first name as he has now become a friend, is a gifted surgeon – he has done more than just replace the hair where it no longer grew, he has given me a new lease of life and a confidence and desire to find new challenges rather than just grow old gracefully. I can’t thank him enough.