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Our surgeon Asim Shahmalak is named as Man of the Year for spending £50,000 of his own money helping acid attack victims

Victim 1 pre surgery
Victim 1 post surgery

In partnership with The Depilex Smile Again Foundation

Crown Clinic surgeon Asim Shamalak has been named as Man of the Year for spending £50,000 of his own money to help acid attack victims in Pakistan.

Dr Shahmalak won the award at the prestigious Fusion Awards which recognise outstanding achievements in the community.

Asim was unanimously voted Man of the Year because of his humanitarian work in Pakistan.

You can read more about the awards here.

Asim travelled to Karachi last year to perform hair transplants, eyebrow and eyelash transplants on seven women who had been horrifically attacked with acid.

He performed all the surgery for free and taking a team from Crown Clinic with him so they could teach local medics how to perform the procedures. Asim had teamed up with the wonderful charity Smile Again which provides care and treatment for victims of acid attacks.

Asim's work with the charity has already received substantial coverage in the media - on ITV's Granada Reports and in the Daily Mail and the Manchester Evening News.

Victim 2 pre surgery
Victim 2 post surgery
Victim 3 pre surgery
Victim 3 post surgery

The women the Crown Clinic team helped included:

  • A 24-year-old woman who worked at a beauty salon and had acid thrown over by a man who had been stalking her after she turned down his proposal;
  • A 19-year-old woman who was horrifically scarred by accident when playing with some other girls;
  • A 23-year-old woman - also attacked when she spurned a man's proposal.

Dr Shahmalak is one of only nine surgeons in the world qualified to do the kind of intricate eyelash and eyebrow transplants some of the women needed.

He released some very moving quotes the media following the awards.

He said: "It was an honour to receive the Man of the Year award but the real heroes are the women who have survived these horrific attacks.

"I wept when I first heard what had happened to them.

"Their stories were heartbreaking - scarred for life because you want to better yourself and work as an hair hostess.

"Doused with acid because you turned down a man's proposal - people were better treated in the Middle Ages.

“It was incredibly moving to see the smiles on their faces after we performed the surgery. They had given up hope of ever getting help because the Government in Pakistan cannot afford to do anything for them. We were their last hope.

“They are not accepted by society because of their disfigurement. They cannot get jobs and, in some case, they have been disowned by their families and left to beg on the streets.

"There is still lots more work to do. These attacks are continuing and I plan to go back to Karachi to help more victims in the future.".