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TV Appearances

Video: Manchester Surgeon helps victims of acid attacks Manchester surgeon explains why he was compelled to help acid attack victims Our final report on the Manchester surgeon helping acid attack victims The acid attack survivor surgery saint

Radio Appearances

Dr Shahmalak features in a conversation with Mike Parr

Media Appearances

Dr Shahmalak talks on ITV 3 Ireland


Daily Express - Dr Christian Jessen Hair Transplant with Crown Clinic - November 26th 2013

Dr Christian Jessen talks to the Daily Express about his second hair transplant with Crown Clinic.

Granada Reports Monday 5th August

Eyelash transplant surgery filmed for the first time in UK : http://www.itv.com/news/granada/update/2013-08-06/surgeon-warns-false-eyelashes-could-leave-your-eyelids-bare/

The Mirror - 6th June 2013

Wayne Rooney has his second op!

The Sunday Times - 26th May 2013

Prince Harry's thinning 'crown'...

Sunday People - 19th May 2013

Daredevil olympian diver Peter Waterfield talks about his hair and Britain's Got Talent....

Look Magazine - 1st May 2013

The growing popularity of 'The Cara Brow'

The Daily Mail - 19th April 2013

Dr Shahmalak talks about Eyebrow Transplants in the Daily Mail

The Mirror - 18th April 2013

Dr Shahmalak features in The Sun

Daily Telegraph - 29th March 2013

Dr Shahmalak features in the Daily Telegraph

The Mail on Sunday - 3rd March 2013

Dr. Shahmalak features in the Daily Mail in an article relating to Martin Robert's celebrity hair transplant completed at Crown Clinic

Sunday People - 3rd February 2013

Dr. Shahmalak features in the Sunday People and talks about the affects of hair loss.

Daily Mirror 26th January 2013

Olympian Diver tells of his hair transplant

Take a Break Magazine - January 2013

This article includes details of Adeleh's hair transplant by Dr.Shahmalak at Crown Clinic.

Manchester Evening News - 31st October 2012

Dr Shahmalak talks about celebrity hair transplants in the MEN.

The People - 14th October 2012

Wayne Rooney 'needs top up transplant' as the expert says.....

The Herald - 13th October 2012

Does Wayne Rooney need a second hair transplant?...read on....

Sideburns - Wiggomania - Manchester Evening News August 2012

FOR those fellas struggling to create a natural sideburn, some rather extreme help is at hand. For men can undergo sideburn TRANSPLANTS at a Manchester clinic. Hair transplant surgeon Dr Asim Shahmalak of the Crown Cosma Clinic near Manchester Airport usually performs hair transplant operations for chaps wanting to sort out baldness on top of the head. But he reckons he’s now getting calls from fans wanting to look like gold medal hero Wiggins with lustrous hair on their cheeks too. He calls it the ‘Wiggo effect’ after the popular nickname of the pedalling hero from Eccleston, near Wigan. Dr Shahmalak said: “Lads want to look like their sporting idols but ometimes nature needs a bit of a helping hand. Many men have patchy beards and can’t grow a fine pair of mutton chops like Bradley Wiggins. “We have noticed the Wiggo effect at the clinic ever since Bradley started getting mega popular – and particularly in the last month with the Tour de France and Olympics. "We expect lots more now he has won Olympic gold. “These kind of operations can do wonders for boosting men’s confidence.” Dr Shahmalak says he’s already performed one such £3,000 operation on a 48-year- old farmer.

Eyebrow Transplant featured in the Manchester Evening News

Eyebrow Transplant featured in the Daily Mail

Claire Culverwell Eyebrow transplant featured in the Daily Mail

Dr Shahmalak performs first eyelash transplant in the UK

Dr Shahmalak featured in the Daily Mail in April 2011

Dr Shahmalak featured in the Daily Mirror in January 2011

The Mirror speaks to Dr Shahmalak about the growing list of men opting for hair transplants and his patient David Fleeshman, actor, producer and director.

Daily Mirror - 26th October 2010

Calum Best talks about his hair transplant with the Crown Cosma Clinic...

News of the World - April 2010

Dr Jessen's hair transplant story...

Dr Shahmalak appeared on radio interviews talking as an expert in his own field

Hale & Bowdon - August and October 2009

Dr Shahmalak features as a Hair Loss Expert.

Cheshire Life - July 2009

Exclusive coverage of the launch of Crown Cosma Clinic in Hale, Cheshire. Guests include The Mayor & Mayoress of Trafford, MP Graham Brady, actress Sue Jenkins and her husband David Fleeshman as well as guests from the business and medical community.

Closer Magazine - June 2009

TV's Embarrassing Bodies Doctor - Dr Christian Jessen talks about an end to trichotillomania and how Dr Shahmalak performed the first ever eyelash transplant surgery in the UK with this life-changing procedure.

At Home - October 2008

Problem - Thinning Hair. Where to go for help - Crown Cosma Clinic quoted as a hair restoration clinic that help men and women.

Asian Woman Magazine - May 2008

Dr Shahmalak features as a hair loss expert and explains more about the surgical procedure.