Hair Loss A Key Concern For Men

Hair loss can affect both sexes and can have a huge impact on a person’s self-esteem, but recent research has indicated just how much of an effect even the potential of losing hair can have on a man. In today’s metrosexual society, men are becoming more and more aware of their appearance, which means they worry about it more too, with the threat of hair loss being a key concern for many of today’s British men.

What the stats say

The research, carried out by Dove Men, looked at how men feel about their appearance and how often they worry about certain aspects of it, with the results being quite surprising. Not only have we got the shocking statistic that most British men only wash their face six times a week but the figures show that around 26% of men worry about going bald, almost as many as are worried about their facial appearance (32%), showing the importance given to a full head of hair. The study also indicated that men spend more time worrying about their appearance than actually doing something about it, but why not be one of the few to put the effort in and make the changes necessary?

Don’t accept fate

A lot of men assume that hair loss is hereditary or perhaps a natural part of ageing. They accept it as fact and think it’s impossible to treat so don’t try to do anything about it, but that can be a big mistake—in many cases, there are things that can be done. Male pattern baldness is responsible for 65% of male hair loss and a lot of the time can be effectively treated, and if you start looking at options the moment you start to notice a thinning crown or receding hairline you might be able to avoid further loss.

Find the treatment for you at Crown Clinic

Here at Crown Clinic we want to help keep your stress levels to a minimum, and because we know the impact hair loss can have we’re proud to offer a whole range of treatments depending on your needs. Our hair loss treatments range from over the counter and prescription medication (such as Minoxidil or Propecia) to complete transplant surgery for full restoration, and the one that’s right for you will all depend on your level of hair loss and the results you want to achieve.

So, don’t be one of the men to worry and do nothing about it—look for suitable treatment options at the first signs of hair loss and you needn’t suffer the knock to confidence. Not only could stress potentially make hair loss worse but not doing anything about the first signs of a thinning head of hair means you’ll be left with a much bigger problem than you might have done, so if you want to discuss the hair restoration options that could be right for you make sure to get in touch and keep hair loss at bay.