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Beard and sideburn transplants

Crown Clinic specialise in beard and sideburn transplants to restore your natural look.

Beard and sideburn transplants

What are beard and sideburn transplants?

Beards have never been more fashionable, but almost half of men are unable to grow a full beard.

According to a poll of 1,000 men by Crown Clinic, as many as 45% of men complain that they have bald patches in their beard or sideburns.

Our surgeon, Dr Asim Shahmalak, has improved beards or sideburns of men who previously struggled with their self-esteem and felt their masculinity has been undermined by not being able to grow a ‘proper’ beard.


Beard and sideburn transplants Benefits

Fast recovery time
Minimal scarring
A natural-looking beard
A permanent solution to sparse growth
Boosts confidence
hair transplant

Why have a beard transplant?

As a surprisingly large number of men struggle to grow a full beard, many of our patients come to us to fill in gaps in their beards and sideburns, hoping for a more even look. Beard transplant surgery is a relatively straightforward way of addressing the problem.

The surgery has minimal downtime and can be completed in just one day. Crown Clinic can also help men who cannot grow a full beard due to skin damage resulting from an accident.

Arrange a consultation

Your Journey


When you come in for your consultation, we’ll take a look at your beard to assess the hair loss and decide if surgery is the right course of treatment for you. This will also allow us to give you a cost estimate for the beard transplant, depending on how many hair grafts we believe will be needed.


Beard transplants are carried out under local anaesthetic, which means you will be awake during the procedure but will not be in any pain. It will either use FUE or FUT techniques, depending on what was decided during your consultation, and will take approximately 4-6 hours. It is typically a day case procedure, meaning that you will be allowed to go home the same day.


Patients will find that have scabbing for up to two weeks after the operation, while the wounds from the transplant heal. If possible, we recommend patients take a week off work for the operation. We offer all patients a step-by-step aftercare guide to ensure the success of their transplant.

Beard and sideburn transplants Frequently asked questions

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