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Hair transplant repairs

Crown Clinic specialise in hair transplant repairs to restore your natural look.

Hair transplant repairs

For any patients who are unhappy with the results of their previous poor hair transplant surgery, Crown Clinic are here to help. Around 10% of our patients come to our clinic for repair work after botched hair transplants from disreputable and unlicensed clinics in countries such as Turkey.

Our consultant hair transplant surgeon, Dr Asim Shahmalak, will thoroughly assess the hair to establish if a patient is a good candidate for hair transplant repair surgery. If so, Crown Clinic will be able to repair the damage from the previous operation and restore the hair back to its previous glory.

This may involve transplanting new hairs so that any unsightly or balding areas are adequately covered and removing grafts before re-placing them in the correct direction to achieve a more natural look.

Hair transplant repairs Benefits

 Covers previous scarring
Improves the overall appearance of the hair
Natural-looking results
Restores self-confidence
Fix botched surgeries

Why have a hair transplant repair?

Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular, with thousands of patients every year travelling overseas for cut-price surgery.

However, many of the clinics are completely unregulated and usually run by salespeople rather than doctors.

As a result, patients can be left with unsightly scarring and unnatural-looking hair transplants – including issues such as a poorly-designed hairline, or hairs growing the wrong way – which can take a huge toll on their self-confidence.

Arrange a consultation

Your Journey


Not everyone will be suitable for hair transplant repair surgery, which is why a consultation is crucial. We’ll be able to assess the results of your previous transplant and how we can reverse or disguise any damage to give you the hair you have been hoping for.


The procedure will depend on the results of your previous hair transplant – we may need to remove existing grafts, disguise scarring or create a new hairline. Hair transplant repair surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic, meaning that you will be awake but will not feel any pain from the procedure.


You will be able to go home the same day after your surgery, but please note that we would recommend taking a week to 10 days to rest and recover. We provide all patients with a helpful post-operative guide explaining how to take care of your new hair transplant, to maximise success and reduce the chance of infection.

Hair transplant repair Frequently asked questions

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