Rob Holding’s hair transplant: end results and details

Since Wayne Rooney’s famous hair transplant in 2011, many other footballers have been influenced to have a procedure to replenish their hairlines. One of these footballers is Rob Holding, who had a hair transplant procedure in 2021. 

The Gunner admitted in a social media post in October 2021: “Today is World Mental Health Day and I struggled a lot with my hair and self-confidence. I have so many messages from other people affected by simple mental health issues and self-confidence issues.” 

The Arsenal centre-back had his procedure at 25 years old after his hair loss started to progress rapidly. The hair loss left the area near the temples and crown of his head almost bald. Two years after his debut, the first signs of his hair loss began. It is likely that Holding suffered from male pattern baldness, which affects only 16% of men aged between 18 and 29.

Here, we will explore the procedure that Rob Holding underwent and the effect it had on his appearance and confidence.

Details of Rob Holding hair transplant

Rob Holding had an FUE hair transplant, which stands for Follicular Hair Excision. This procedure involves extracting hair from a donor area and applying it to a balding spot, providing a permanent solution to hair loss. In the case of Holding, he had 2600 grafts taken from the back of his head, which were used to replace the hair he had lost.

Another hair restoration procedure is a FUT hair transplant, which stands for Follicular Unit Transplant. The main difference is that FUE generally has quicker recovery times and is less invasive than FUT. However, they are both equally effective, as they each have a 95% success rate.

After surgery, Holding reportedly grew his hair back at a very quick rate. It usually takes 8-9 months for patients to see good results from their hair transplant, but Holding’s hair started growing in 4-5 months. This time frame will vary depending on the patient, but good aftercare will go a long way in helping the hair regrowth process.

Other celebrity procedures

Crown Clinic has helped several celebrities restore their hairlines. This includes other footballers, such as Didi Hamann who had his hairline restored at our Manchester Clinic. The former Liverpool and Manchester City footballer had 4,000 hairs transplanted into his temples and hairline.

Here’s a list of some other celebrities and the procedures they had done with Crown Clinic:

  • Jack P Shepherd – The Coronation Street star had an FUE transplant. Follicles were removed individually from the back of his scalp and then replanted by Dr. Shahmalak in the balding areas around his temples and at the very front of his hairline.
  • Calum Best – The son of Manchester United football legend George Best, came to Crown Clinic for multiple hair transplants over the years.

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How a Crown Clinic hair transplant can help you

At Crown Clinic, we offer the highest-quality FUT and FUE hair transplants that are sure to fix your hairline and help you regain your confidence.

There are also a number of other hair loss treatments available if you are looking to thicken your hair.

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