Gordon Ramsay Hair Transplant

The world-renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay, has been on our television screens for 25 years. During his many years in the public eye, both fans and the press have spotted some changes to his appearance. Gordon Ramsay’s hair has been a big talking point throughout this time, with many noticing how his hairline has improved over the years. This then begs the question: Did Gordon Ramsay get a hair transplant?

Over time, it has become increasingly common for celebrities to undergo a hair transplant procedure to improve their appearance, especially if they feature on television regularly. 

Here, we explore that speculation as to whether or not Gordon Ramsay has had a hair transplant and shed light on the different procedures that are on offer, including their benefits.

Did Gordon Ramsay get a hair transplant?

While there has been no confirmation from the man himself, there has been ongoing rumours of a Gordon Ramsay hair transplant. Ramsay’s hairline began showing signs of balding around 2010, with heavier hair loss located around his temples. This type of hair loss is commonly known as male pattern baldness, which affects around 80% of men at some point in their adult lives.

If we look at Gordon Ramsay today, he has a much fuller head of hair and displays none of the signs of balding that he did in 2010.

We at Crown Clinic speculate that Gordon Ramsay had a hair transplant, more specifically a FUE hair transplant, which stands for Follicular Hair Extraction. This procedure involves extracting hair from a donor area and applying it to a balding spot, providing a permanent solution to hair loss.

Other celebrities that have or may have had a hair transplant

There are plenty of celebrities that have undergone a hair transplant, or that we suspect have, including:

Crown Clinic celebrity hair transplants

Crown Clinic has completed several celebrity hair transplants, including but not limited to:

  • Jack P Shepherd – Follicles were removed individually from the back of his scalp and then replanted by Dr. Shahmalak in the balding areas around his temples and at the very front of his hairline.
  • Calum Best – The son of Manchester United football legend, George Best, came to Crown Clinic for multiple hair transplants over the years.

Different hair transplant methods and their benefits

FUE hair transplant

Individual follicular units are extracted from the back or side of a patient’s scalp and transplanted into the balding area using a realistic blending process. This procedure has minimal scarring and pain, and a fast recovery time.

FUT hair transplant

An FUT hair transplant allows the surgeon to safely transplant thousands of grafts in a single session, to maximise the cosmetic impact of the procedure. The main benefit of this procedure is that it allows you to enjoy a fuller, more natural-looking hair without having to conceal your hair transplant.

Afro hair transplant

Afro hair transplants commonly require a different technique from FUE or FUT transplants, since Afro hair is much more curly and curls underneath the follicle too. This specialised procedure will allow you to fully restore hair density and volume.

How a Crown Clinic hair transplant can help you

At Crown Clinic, we offer the highest-quality hair transplants that can help you regain your confidence. We also offer a number of other hair loss treatments.

Arrange a consultation at Crown Clinic to discuss your hair loss and the options you have for regaining a fuller head of hair. We’ll walk you through the treatments on offer at our world-renowned clinic, performed by our highly regarded surgeon, Dr. Asim Shahmalak.

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