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Hair Transplant Manchester

Our state of the art hair transplant clinic in Manchester, provides an excellent environment where you can discuss all your concerns and hair loss treatment options with ease.

Hair Transplants in Manchester

Affordable Hair Transplants in Manchester

Visit Dr Shahmalak at our prestigious hair transplant clinic in Manchester. Crown Clinic is an industry-leading hair transplant clinic that specialises in hair, eyebrow, and eyelash transplants.

As one of the UK’s leading hair transplant clinics, our Manchester clinic has provided expert hair transplantation to a variety of different patients, some of whom are famous faces!

Dr Shahmalak is world-renowned and one of the leading hair transplant surgeons and the only UK surgeon to perform eyelash transplants and regularly featured on Channel 4, as well as other popular media channels and publications. Our state of the art hair loss clinic in Manchester provides an excellent environment where you can discuss all your concerns and hair transplant treatment options with ease.

With its prime location, our Manchester hair transplant clinic is perfectly situated next to major transport links such as Manchester Airport, to provide services to anyone looking for the highest quality hair transplants. Book in for a hair loss consultation to find out how our Manchester clinic can help you!

*Our hair transplant procedures start at around £4,000 with Dr Shahmalak..

Where is our Manchester Hair Loss Clinic

Crown Clinic’s hair transplant Manchester clinic is situated near Manchester Airport, with plenty of public transport links nearby and right next to the motorway. It is easily accessible from many of the major cities and close to Manchester City Centre.

Hair Restoration in Manchester

Crown Clinic is a leading provider of hair transplant surgical treatments and has a custom-designed, state of the art operating theatre specialising in hair restoration in Manchester.

From the initial consultation to the surgery and aftercare, you receive continuity of care from one the top hair transplant surgeons in Manchester and indeed the country: Dr Asim Shahmalak.

Dr Shahmalak is a well-known figure in the hair loss sector and the wider medical industry. He’s performed several celebrity hair transplants, as well as being the only surgeon to perform eyelash transplant surgery in the UK: one of only a few in the world.

You can come and speak to Dr Shahmalak in person during a no-obligation consultation, here at our hair transplant Manchester clinic, where he can advise on the best course of treatment for your hair loss. The consultation process is a chance to learn more about you and your needs, you can discuss any concerns you have, and we walk you through the hair transplant procedure. Dr Shahmalak performs the consultation and performs the procedure, with the Crown Clinic team supporting through the entire process. Our Manchester hair transplant clinic is one of the only four in the UK, offering direct consultation with the surgeon and procedures start from £4,000.

State-of-the-art Manchester Hair Transplant Clinic

Crown Clinic recently opened a state-of-the-art operating theatre custom-designed to perform minimal pain hair transplant procedures in Manchester. This means that you will have the consultation at the same place as the operation and with the same specialist. This unique continuity of care ensures that what is discussed in the consultation happens in the operating theatre, so get in touch today and book your no-obligation consultation at our hair transplant clinic in Manchester.