Is it better to get a hair transplant in the UK or abroad?

Getting an overseas hair transplant is becoming more popular, but a lot of these transplants go wrong and can lead to visibly poor results. While hair transplants are often cheap abroad, there is a high chance that you will not get the results you desire. Meanwhile, hair transplant costs in the UK may be higher, but the results are often of much better quality.

Turkey is one of the countries where hair transplant prices are considerably lower than other parts of the world, but it is considered a high-risk country to get the treatment. They have many skilled hair transplant surgeons in the country, but there is an extremely high number of illegal practices that travellers aren’t clued up on. So, it’s important to ensure that you do not fall for these inadequate options.

Here at Crown Clinic, we have had a large number of people come through our doors looking to fix substandard hair transplants that have been done abroad. We are able to perform hair transplant repairs to solve most hair transplant issues, but it is much better to get a quality transplant first time around.

Hair transplants abroad – what can go wrong?

As mentioned, there are procedural problems that come with getting a hair transplant abroad that can lead to both short and long term health risks. Unlicensed clinics abroad are extremely common, and inadequate care can lead to complications and an undesirable finished product. 

Even though the procedure is cheap, there are other price factors that you might want to consider before going overseas for a hair transplant. People often don’t consider having to pay for flights and accommodation when getting a hair transplant abroad. Depending on where you are travelling, this can sometimes add up to more than getting the transplant on British soil.

To add to this, the potential repair work you may require when getting home will set you back further, as the chances of you needing a repair for your transplant increase dramatically when you get it done in a country with less stringent health checks than the UK. One of the best countries for a hair transplant is here in the UK. It is a much safer option with trusted surgeons and an extremely low risk if anything goes wrong.

Finding the perfect hair transplant clinic

When you book a hair transplant, it is crucial that you find a clinic that you trust will achieve the best possible results. There are three key things you should do before you begin the booking process:

  • Research the surgeon – knowing the background of your surgeon is important in building trust. If you are unable to find out much about the surgeon, it might be that they don’t have adequate qualifications or experience.
  • Research the clinic – the clinic you go to is an important decision. Each clinic will have different processes and things they do differently to others, so it is essential to make sure you thoroughly research and find one that is right for you.
  • Speak to people – word of mouth and reviews are some of the most powerful tools for knowing whether you should trust a clinic. If a lot of people are speaking highly of a clinic or surgeon, they will often be one of the best options.

UK hair transplants

Although the price of UK transplants is higher than in some other countries, the UK is far more reliable, and you are more likely to get value for your money. There are also no unnecessary travel risks involved with UK hair transplants, and it is much easier to visit your clinic before the procedure, to ensure it meets your expectations.

All clinics in the UK have to meet the UK quality standard, so you can be assured that they are far more reliable than many clinics abroad.

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