Kylie Minogue’s fiance gets a hair transplant

It has been reported that Kylie Minogue’s fiance, the actor Joshua Sasse, has undergone a hair transplant.

Both the Sun and the Mail Online are reporting that the British star, 29, underwent the procedure ahead of his wedding to the Australian singer.

You can read about the news here:

Around one in five men start losing their hair in their 20s.

And increasing numbers of younger men suffering from male pattern baldness from an early age are seeking hair transplants.

At Crown Clinic, our surgeon Asim Shahmalak prefers not to operate on men under the age of 25 – that is when a pattern of baldness is established and an experienced surgeon like Mr Shahmalak can devise a long-term strategy to deal with a patient’s hair loss.

One of the big drivers for young men seeking hair transplants has been the experiences of Wayne Rooney and Crown Clinic patient Calum Best.

They both started losing their hair in their early 20s and both have had multiple hair transplants procedures to keep hold of their locks. This has made England captain Wayne more attractive to sponsors and protected the value of his image rights, and for Calum the motivation was prolonging his career as a model and all-round heart-throb in demand for TV appearances and public appearances. It has worked well for Calum who was runner-up in Celebrity Big Brother last year and was signed up as the face of menswear brand Burton.

Joshua Sasse has yet to talk publicly about his procedure but we hope that he is open about it, like Wayne and Calum have been in the past.

Having a hair transplant can have a huge impact on a man’s life. If you are over 25 and losing your hair, the time to act is now – before it is too late. If you wait too long, the male pattern baldness becomes too well established and hair transplants will have a limited effect. Prince William, for instance, has probably left it too late – but his brother, Prince Harry, shows the early signs of male pattern baldness and would benefit from talking to a hair transplant surgeon.

But the only permanent solution to male pattern baldness is a hair transplant – either a FUE procedure (follicular unit extraction, used by Crown Clinic patients like Calum, Didi Hamann and Homes Under The Hammer presenter MartIn Roberts) or a FUT (follicular unit transplantation, used by Crown Clinc patient Christian Jessen).