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Olympic Diving hero splashes out on a hair transplant

Posted in on Sun, January 13, 2013
Before surgery
Before surgery

OLYMPIC hero Peter Waterfield came for a hair transplant at the Crown Clinic because he wanted to soften his image.

Peter – Tom Daley’s dive partner at London 2012 –  had shaved his head for years to cover up his baldness - and he wanted a fuller head of hair because he rightly felt it would make him more appealing to TV companies and big brands seeking sponsors.

He  has been losing his hair for the last 13 years while competing at the last four Olympics – winning a silver medal at Athens in 2004.

Dr Shahmalak moved approximately 4,200 hairs moved from the back of his head to the top of his scalp to restore his hairline at the Crown Clinic.

Dad-of-two Peter, 31, said: “I started going bald when I was 18 which is when I got really serious about diving.

“I had completely lost my hairline and the only way to cover it up was by shaving my head.

“I come from the East End of London and I would find that people could sometimes be intimidated by my Cockney accent and my shaved head.

“I think some people wrongly got the impression that I was a bit of a thug – which could not be further from the truth.

“I am a loving family man who has dedicated my life to diving and helping others.

“I wanted to soften my whole image and make sure that I was a little more approachable to strangers.

“The best way to do that was by having a hair transplant.

“I am so glad that I have had it done – I feel so much more confident now.

"The treatment I received from Dr Shahmalak and his team was amazing.

“I am really looking forward to being able to grow my hair for the first time since I was a teenager and present a new image of myself to the world.

“I don’t think anyone will mistake me for a thug any more.”

Peter had the same Follicle Unit Extraction procedure as Wayne Rooney – moving 2,500 grafts (some 4,200 individual hairs) from the back of his scalp to the front.

Around 1,500 grafts were transplanted to his hairline and a further 1,000 were transplanted to bolster his hair at the top of his scalp.

It will take around a year for the full benefits of the procedure to show as the transplanted hair grows back.

Before surgery
Before surgery
After surgery
After surgery

Peter has a strong baldness gene in his family and both his brothers have also lost their hair.

There has been 25% rises in the number of men having hair transplants in the last five years as the technology improves and high-profile stars such as Rooney, the Cold Feet actor James Nesbitt and the Crown Clinic's client Christian Jessen have gone public to show the benefits of the procedures.

Many celebrities have seen a dramatic rise in their fortunes after having hair transplants.

Dr Shahmalak said: “There are seven categories of Male Pattern Baldness.

"Category one indicates no hair loss and seven is total hair loss.

“Peter ranked as a 5A on the Norwood Scale – indicating substantial hair loss due to his family history.

“Like a lot of the celebrities I have treated, he found that the transplant significantly boosted his self-esteem and has made him much more marketable to TV shows and brands.

“He looks and feels a lot younger, too.

“I sure it will lead to lots of fresh opportunities for him.

“There is no doubt that a hair transplant can completely transform a man’s life.”

Peter is looking forward to competing in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 with Tom Daley.

He said: “I have loved diving with Tom at the last two Olympics – he is a lovely lad who hasn’t let fame change him one bit. What you see is what you get.

“We are both really excited about the Commonwealth Games, and hopefully I can also go on and compete at a fifth Olympics in Brazil in 2016.”

Peter lives in Southampton, with his wife Tania, 30, and sons Lewis, 11, and Marshall, four.