Does wearing a hat cause hair loss?

When you start thinning, your first instinct may be to cover up. But could reaching for a hat actually be contributing to your hair loss?

There’s been much speculation about whether wearing a hat can actually cause hair loss. In this guide from Crown Clinic, we’ll discuss whether wearing a hat is the reason for your hair loss problems, or whether it’s due to an unrelated condition. 

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Do hats cause hair loss?

The overall consensus is that hats are not thought of as a direct cause of hair loss, but they can exacerbate any pre-existing hair loss by blocking oxygen and blood flow to the hair follicles. They can also, depending on the type of hat you wear and how tight it is, pull on the hair follicles, weakening them. Most cases of hat-induced hair loss are temporary, however. 

While there isn’t much scientific research surrounding the correlation between hat-wearing and hair loss, it’s safe to assume that hats pose little threat to your locks if you have a healthy head of hair. This is unless you already suffer from hair loss conditions such as androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, as it’s more commonly known. 

What are the common causes of hair loss?

If hats aren’t directly responsible for your hair loss, then what is? The most common causes for hair loss are hereditary conditions like androgenic alopecia, which, although more common in men, can also affect women

Factors such as stress, environmental factors and hormones can also cause hair loss, however these can be more easily treated. Fortunately, there are many solutions to hair loss that will have your hair looking healthier than ever, such as  FUE Hair Transplants or hair loss products like Toppik.

What’s the solution?

The solution to your hair woes is more often than not a hair transplant, especially if you suffer from hereditary baldness. A hair transplant may initially sound daunting, however they are safe and effective procedures that will leave your hair looking better than before. 

Before you decide on a hair transplant, read about our celebrity patients and the procedures they underwent to achieve their desired hair results. Also get a clear understanding of the different types of procedures and the aftercare process to find out more. The types of hair transplants we can offer include FUT and FUE treatments, both of which have a high success rate and are favoured among our patients. 

Fix your hair loss today with Crown Clinic 

We can conclude that hats are not a direct cause of hair loss, but can make any pre-existing hair loss worse if they’re especially tight or restrictive. More often than not, your hair loss is caused by a hereditary or hormonal condition that is treatable through a hair transplant (subject to an assessment).

Talk us through your hair loss problems today with a consultation at Crown Clinic, and we’ll talk you through the treatments on offer at our world-renowned clinic by our highly-regarded surgeon Dr Shahmalak. Our FUT and FUE transplants may be just the thing for your hair loss concerns, and can help rebuild your hair confidence once again.