Hair Replacement—Not Just For The Head

Think hair replacement and chances are you’re thinking of regaining a full head of hair, with treatments being offered to fill in thinned areas and restore a proper hairline. But, that’s not the only use of treatments of this kind. Did you know that transplant techniques can actually be used for areas other than the head? Hair loss can be caused by any number of different factors from hormones and genetics to psychological conditions where people actually pull their own hair out, and it can affect any part of the body where hair is (or should be) present. That means it isn’t solely an issue of the head—whilst we most readily associate hair loss with bald patches it’s worth remembering that there are other types and other treatments available accordingly, and here at Crown Clinic we’ve got the solution no matter what type of hair loss might be affecting you.

Hair loss types and treatment options

• Hair loss on the head (alopecia, male and female pattern baldness etc.). There are various types of hair loss and numerous reasons for it happening, but knowing those reasons doesn’t stop the impact it can have on confidence. That’s why various restoration techniques can be employed ranging from growth treatments that can be purchased over the counter or on prescription to transplant surgery, and the one that’s right for you will depend on your individual requirements.
• Eyelash loss. Eyelashes can be one of the single most important parts of your appearance, helping define and shape your face and improving facial symmetry, and if you lose your eyelashes for any reason (perhaps as a result of physical trauma, medical conditions or even compulsive plucking) you’ll want a way to get them back. That’s where eyelash implants or transplant surgery can come in, and you could even opt for this treatment for cosmetic purposes—something becoming increasingly popular in modern times with more and more emphasis being placed on having a thicker, fuller lash line.
• Eyebrow thinning. Eyebrows are another important factor in appearance and have the power to alter the entire look of your face, and that’s why eyebrow thinning can have such an impact on confidence. Again, it could be down to any number of reasons but over- or compulsive-plucking can lead to a permanent loss of hair and is becoming increasingly common, and in this case the transplantation of micrografts containing single hairs is the usual treatment option.

Get the solution that’s right for you

Here at Crown Clinic we specialise treating hair loss to transform your appearance and help you get the confidence you want, offering everything from traditional transplants to pioneering eyelash transplant surgery for the best possible results. We’ll work with you to determine the best course of action depending on your requirements and with such high-level treatments and a fantastic reputation you can be confident you’re in good hands, so make sure to get in touch for a bespoke solution no matter where you’re suffering from hair loss.