Hairstyle trends for 2023

Wondering what the most popular hair trends for 2023 are set to be? With the year already underway, you may be wondering how to style your hair, have a New Year’s resolution for improving the condition of your hair, or simply want a new look. 

We’ve created this guide to help you discover the top hairstyle trends that look set to become or remain popular as the new year takes off, as well as how best to style your hair after one of our highly-regarded hair transplants. At Crown Clinic, we’ve got you covered with tips and advice on a variety of topics, from hair loss, styling trends, and FUT and FUE hair transplants. 

Male hair trends 2023

Based on 2022 hair trends, we predict that the top styles this year will include spiked hair, buzz cuts, and the ever-popular fade. Recently, however, we’ve seen older hairstyles resurface in popularity, and many people are set to deviate from the trends and style their hair in their own way for 2023. After your hair transplant has healed, you’ll feel more confident about your hair and will be able to experiment with a variety of different styles to find your perfect look..

Crew cut

Of the 2023 hair trends, the one that we’re confident will continue to be in fashion is the crew cut. With many celebrities, including David Beckham, Channing Tatum and Zac Efron opting for this low-maintenance and easy to achieve style, it’s no wonder this hairstyle was popular in 2022 and will most likely continue to see popularity in 2023. Of the short hairstyles, the crew cut is a style that suits any type of hair, looks great after a transplant, and is a sophisticated and professional looking way to style your hair this new year. 


This ever-popular style is easily achievable and has grown in popularity due to several celebrities choosing to sport this particular trim. Your hair is proven to be thicker and healthier after a hair transplant, making this style a lot more appealing and easier to achieve. Celebrities who have notably donned this cut include actor Austin Butler, a client of ours, Dr Christian Jessen, and singer Harry Styles. With appropriate aftercare and recovery time after a hair transplant, this hairstyle will be easily achievable.


The ‘man bun’ has taken the hairstyle world by storm for many years, and looks set to follow suit once again in 2023. This once-unique trim suits numerous styles and hair colours, and will look even better with healthier and longer post-transplant hair. You can accentuate this style or add your own twist to deviate from popular trends and add your own take to this simple yet stylish look. 


While not a new concept, the fade has remained at the top of the hairstyle ranks for many years, and doesn’t look set to disappear anytime soon. Add a quirky twist to the traditional fade by asking for a unique style or perhaps a pattern for your fade at your next barber appointment. 

Female hairstyle trends 2023

A lot of hairstyles disappear and come back into fashion a short while later. For females, the top hairstyles set to be popular in 2023 include the traditional bob, pixie cut and wolf cut, which have steadily gained popularity in recent years and look set to stay that way. Recently, the french bob has become a sought after style at many hairdressers, and will likely remain popular due to the versatility of the style. 

Female hair loss can affect a number of women and can be worse in the winter months, which is why the colder seasons remain a popular time for female hair transplants. Your hair post-transplant will be in a better condition, enabling you to feel more confident in your hair styles and be able to experiment with more bold hairstyles and looks. If you want to style your own hair for 2023, or are looking for products to use post-hair transplant to treat your locks, check out our guide on the top aftercare products for hair transplants. 

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