The Strength of Human Hair

Just like our body and mind, our hair needs to be taken care of and given the best treatment to keep it healthy and strong. Human hair may look thin and fragile, but healthy hair has an amazing strength that many are unaware of.


How strong is our hair?

A single strand of human hair has the potential to support around 100 grams of weight. That is the same as an average bar of soap, found in the bathrooms of many homes.

Just one strand of our hair can withstand a massive amount of stress and if you combine all of the hairs found on our heads (approx 150,000), the amount of weight they can support can equal the same weight as 8 small cars!


What gives hair its strength?

Protein makes up most of the components of our hair and more specifically, the protein Keratin, is responsible for giving our hair its unimaginable strength. You may have seen many products boasting added Keratin to help give you stronger and healthier hair, popping up in your local stores.

Hair can even withstand certain levels of heat, usually up to 230°C, before suffering major damage. Heat removes moisture from the hair and as a result, the cuticles can become dry and brittle, which is why heat damaged hair will ‘snap off’ when brushing. We need to keep the cuticles as hydrated as possible, in order for them to keep their elasticity.


How can you keep your hair stronger?

Keeping your hair healthy and strong is fairly simple if you follow the below rules:

  • Keep heat styling to a minimum and leave hair to dry naturally where possible
  • Make sure to eat a high-protein, healthy diet

Making sure your hair stays hydrated and free from damage will help keep your hair strong and looking healthy for longer. Making sure you eat healthy and nutritious foods can help keep hair in good condition from the inside out. Protein-rich foods such as eggs, meat and pulses can all help to give your hair the protein it needs to thrive.

You can also look into natural hair masks, to give your hair a chemical free treat once a week. Foods like avocados, eggs and also olive oil can all be used to create organic hair masks, that help to provide moisture and protein to dry, brittle hair.

If you’re currently fighting hair loss, you may be looking for a way to boost your hair density and improve your confidence. Our FUE hair transplants can help you get the head of hair you desire and by taking the above steps during your recovery period, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance of having a full head of healthy and strong hair.

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