The Top Hair Loss Myths Debunked

Whether you’ve started to see the first signs of hair loss, or have concerns about the future of your luscious locks, there are plenty of myths and rumours surrounding hair loss and why it comes about, most of which aren’t true.

We’re here to help ease your mind, by highlighting 5 hair loss myths that have no evidence behind them. So if you’re concerned about your genetics, how you treat your hair, or even your fashion style, and how they could be affecting your chances of losing hair, then worry no more!


1. Following a vegetarian diet can promote hair loss


Protein, more specifically keratin, is a crucial component for your body to be able to grow healthy hair. Amino acids are what help your body to produce keratin, which many believe are found in meat alone.

However, these amino acids can be found in plenty of plant-based foods, such as oats, lentil and beans. As such, if you’re a vegetarian, you shouldn’t worry about your hair, just because of the diet you choose to follow.


2. Women don’t go bald


It’s true that you do tend to see more men who have been affected by hair loss, however, there certainly are many women who fall victim to hair loss, too. In fact, a study carried out by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery found that around 80% of women will notice signs of hair loss, by the time they reach 60 years old.


3. Regularly wearing a hat can make you shed hair

Hats are designed to help us, not hinder. While hair can help to keep our heads warm, hats can add that extra bit of insulation on top. However, many have been led to believe that by wearing hats, they are running the risk of shedding hair and quickening the potential hair loss process. No need to fret though, as there is no scientific evidence that suggests hats could cause you to lose hair. So keep on wearing those woolly knits feeling confident that your hair is safe.


4. Over-washing your hair leads to hair loss


This common myth comes from the amount of hair we can often find in the plug after we have showered. So many people have put two and two together and have been led to believe that regularly shampooing their hair has caused more hair loss than normal. In fact, under washing can cause more damage, as follicles can become inflamed from oil buildup, which then leads to restricted hair growth.


5. Heat damage can cause hair loss


From blow-drying your hair every day to using curlers or straightening irons, it’s true that we can put our hair through a lot of stress. Yet while too much heat can cause your hair to shed a little, it doesn’t cause hair loss. Instead, your hair is simply broken temporarily, to then be replaced by hair that grows back pretty much instantly.

We often hear many concerns about hair loss and its causes, as well as those believing that there is no cure for hair loss. Although it isn’t always simple, there are plenty of processes that could help you to reverse your hair loss, including the hair transplant procedures we offer here at Crown Clinic.

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