What happens during the scalp micropigmentation procedure?

Hair transplants have been helping those who suffer from hair loss for many years, but now there is a new procedure that can help those that like to wear their hair shaved, but suffer from bald areas.


What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation provides coverage to bald areas across the scalp, using small particles of pigment to resemble short, shaven hairs. This procedure has proven to be extremely beneficial for those that like to wear their hair closely shaved and are looking for a more even coverage.

The result cannot only give the appearance of an even coverage of small hair follicles, but it can also help to define the hairline and cover any scars that you may want to disguise.



What happens during the procedure?

The scalp micropigmentation procedure is less invasive than an FUE hair transplant or FUT transplant. You will start with a consultation as normal, then, on the day of your procedure, your surgeon will work with you to establish your preferred hairline and coverage.

Before the procedure can begin, the surgeon will draw on the hairline as a guide. Once you are happy, the procedure can begin. This could take up to 3 sessions, depending on the area that needs to be covered. The surgeon will apply small dots of ink sporadically, to give a natural look to the area. The colour of the ink used will be matched closely to the current hair follicles and a soft gradient will be used to give the most natural effect possible.

Scalp micropigmentation can be used to cover up any unsightly scars. However, much like tattoos, the scars cannot be fresh and must be fully healed before the procedure.



What happens during the recovery stage?

Patients tend to recover fairly quickly, with redness usually decreasing within 2-3 days of the procedure. There may still be some minor swelling, however, you can always wear a hat to cover any further redness.

It is advised to keep the area dry and sweat-free for up to 5 days after the procedure, meaning you should not shampoo the area whilst in the shower. You should also refrain from shaving over the area within this period.

After the 5 days, you can start to use a gentle soap to clean the area and start to shave over the area, to even out any growth that may have occurred.

Scalp micropigmentation is a new procedure that Crown Clinic now provides for all its patients. To find out more, drop in for a consultation or get in touch with us on 0345 2 100 300.