When is it time to try a new hairstyle?

Do you feel like your current hairstyle is lacklustre or out-dated? If so, you may be in need of a hair revamp.

A recent study by leading FUE hair transplant surgeon Dr Asim Shahmalak from Crown Clinic, showed that men only change their hairstyle once every five years, compared to women who change theirs on average, every 18 months.

Crown Clinic also examined some of the reasons why men and women change their hairstyles; here are some of the top responses:


Fancy a change?

Changing hairstyles comes easy for some but may be more difficult for others.
David Beckham, men’s most popular hairstyle icon, has had 38 different hairstyles between ages 18 to 40. However, this goes against the norm, as the average man only changes their hairstyle 4 times in their adult life.

According to 36% of respondents, the main reason men change their hair is because they are bored with the way they look, compared to only 26% of women, who gave the same reason for switching up their hairstyle.


Mimicking a celebrity style

The results of the survey also revealed that women are much more likely than men to mimic a celebrity’s hairstyle. Around 44% of women said they had asked their stylist to make them look like a celebrity whose hairstyle they admired, whereas only 12% of men wanted to mimic the style of their favourite celebrity.


Hair Loss

Hair loss is another one of the key factors for why men change their hairstyle.
Of those surveyed, 24% listed it as the main reason for changing their hair.

Dr Shahmalak explains that men these days often shave their head to cover up their baldness; however, more men are opting for hair transplants after being inspired by celebrities like Calum Best, who have opted for the procedure.

Hair transplants give men more options and mean they don’t have to settle for the same style for the rest of their life.

Dr Shahmalak has worked with the likes of Dr Christian Jessen of Embarrassing Bodies and Gogglebox star Chris Steed to restore their hair and confidence to their former glory; so If you’re looking to give your hair a new lease of life, book your no obligation consultation at Crown Clinic today!