Which hair products can cause hair loss?

We understand that there is a plethora of misinformation out there surrounding hair products and their effects on our hair. This means that it’s difficult to figure out which products to use and which to avoid. We have compiled this helpful guide on the different types of hair products that can cause hair loss, and the benefits of a hair transplant for those already suffering with hair loss.

You can also find more information on hair loss and hair transplants throughout our website, as well testimonials from our patients. 

Does hair gel cause hair loss?

Although hair gel isn’t thought to directly cause hair loss, it can contribute to hair loss by causing your scalp to become dehydrated and reduce sebum production, according to trichologist, Kevin Moore. He also states that excessive use of hair gel can cause hair loss and thinning due to a chemical in the gel known as diethyl phthalate. 

If your scalp is particularly sensitive or prone to flakiness and dryness, the chemicals present in hair gel can irritate your scalp and exacerbate hair loss. Therefore, we’d recommend using non-toxic or hypoallergenic gels. Find recommendations here for gels that won’t dry out or irritate your scalp. 

Does hair wax cause hair loss?

There are a few factors that can make hair wax cause hair loss, including blocked hair follicles, dry scalp and chemicals. Hair wax can cover hair follicles and dry them out, causing them to fall out and start to thin. Like hair gel, hair wax can also contain chemicals that are detrimental to hair growth and health. 

Excessive use of both hair wax and gel can result in dry and brittle hair that is more prone to breaking. Short-term or single-time use of hair wax likely won’t do an awful lot of damage, especially if you receive regular hair cuts, but if you rely on using wax everyday, there is a chance you may eventually see a negative change in the growth and condition of your hair. 

Does shampoo cause hair loss?

Shampoo can cause the most amount of damage to your hair due to regular use, as it often contains chemicals that are known for their damaging properties, such as sulphates. Sulphates can irritate sensitive scalp skin and cause your hair to become more brittle and breakage-prone by stripping the natural oils from your hair. Discover more information about hair loss caused by shampoo here

Does dry shampoo cause hair loss?

We understand that washing your hair everyday sounds unappealing, and you may resort to using dry shampoo as a between-wash pick me up for your hair that is lacking volume or body. However, dry shampoo itself, like regular shampoo, can cause hair breakage. Most dry shampoos contain alcohol, which can contribute to hair loss by promoting hair breakage. It can also block hair follicles, creating a dry and itchy scalp. View more information on dry shampoo hair loss here and the steps you can take to fix it.

Other hair loss causes

It’s important to remember that while these products can potentially cause hair loss, it doesn’t mean that they will. Typically, using dry shampoo or any other hair product in moderation won’t cause hair loss or excessive damage, however you need to be wary of overusing the products, especially if you have already thin or dry hair. 

Hair loss can be, and is most often, caused by hereditary factors, stress, or hormonal imbalances. Conditions like male or female pattern baldness and alopecia are often the culprit in hair loss, as is the process known as telogen effluvium, which often comes up due to stress, poor diet, or drastic lifestyle changes like pregnancy or menopause. 

What’s the solution?

The solution to your hair loss problems may come in the form of sulphate-free shampoos or minoxidil, which is a specialist shampoo that is often used by sufferers of male or female pattern baldness. You can also take vitamins or supplements that can promote hair growth, or, if the problem is unrelenting and hereditary, a hair transplant may be the best option for you.

At Crown Clinic, we perform both FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) transplants, both of which are some of the most popular treatments we offer. We’ve had several celebrity clients, all of whom have praised the professionalism and client care they received from our surgeon Dr. Shahmalak. 

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