Can eyebrow lamination damage your brows?

Eyebrow lamination has become a hugely popular new beauty treatment, spurred on by Instagram influencers and celebrities showing off fluffy, brushed-up eyebrows. The treatment is noted as a quick way to create a full brow look without the daily hassle of having to fill the eyebrows in – but are there any downsides to this treatment?

What is eyebrow lamination?

Originating from Russia, brow lamination is a technique where the eyebrows are painted with a chemical solution that breaks down the bonds in the hairs – similar to perming – which allows the hairs to be moved into a new shape. This makes it particularly popular for people who have sparse areas in the brows, as these patches can be disguised.

Once the hairs have been brushed upwards into the desired shape, a fixing solution is applied to keep the hairs in place. Eyebrow lamination can take up to an hour and lasts for around six weeks.

Is eyebrow lamination bad for your eyebrows?

Although many people undergo eyebrow lamination and have no issues, the treatment is not without its risks. The skin around the eye is extremely delicate – in fact, the eyelid skin is the thinnest skin on the body – and is therefore more prone to irritation. The harsh chemicals that are used during eyebrow lamination treatments can be very drying, leaving the skin red and inflamed. Before having the treatment, make sure that you follow the patch test instructions as set out by the beautician – but if you have sensitive skin, eyebrow lamination is unlikely to be a good idea.

Similarly, having such caustic chemicals in close proximity to the eye is a risk in itself, as it could cause severe damage if they came into contact with the eye.

In terms of the eyebrow hairs themselves, the chemicals from eyebrow lamination can cause damage. The chemicals used to relax the hairs, thioglycolic acid or ammonium thioglycolate – which is also used for perms – can be harsh on the hairs. In the same way that using chemicals on the hair on your scalp can make it dry, brittle and damaged, using strong chemicals on your eyebrows can have the same effect. This overprocessing can cause breakage, and over time can potentially damage the hair follicles.

How to stay safe with eyebrow lamination

As with any beauty treatment, do your research before you book in. Read the reviews and check the qualifications of the professional who will be carrying out your eyebrow lamination. Remember, if you are to undergo any treatment that uses chemicals on your skin, the beautician should always insist that you have a patch test first to reduce the risk of allergic reaction. If they don’t, steer clear of that salon – it’s not worth the risk.

After having eyebrow lamination, you must wait at least six weeks until booking in for your next treatment, as otherwise, you risk damaging your natural eyebrows. In between treatments, conditioning the eyebrows with oils or moisturising cream can help to keep them in good condition.

Permanent eyebrow treatments

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