Common reasons why you might be losing your eyelashes

Losing your eyelashes, or any body hair, can be worrying. While there are many reasons you may naturally experience eyelash loss, there are some things to watch out for to help reduce the amount you lose.

Many of the causes of eyelash hair loss will end with the eyelashes growing back on their own, but if you experience permanent eyelash loss, we offer a pioneering eyelash transplant surgery that can transform your eyelashes, bringing them back to their original health and fullness. 

Read our guide to find out what the reasons may be for experiencing eyelash loss, and how to keep your eyelashes healthy.

What is the cause of losing eyelashes?


Those experiencing a period of prolonged stress are sometimes more prone to losing their eyelashes, in the same way that someone might lose the hair on their head during a stressful time. People experiencing this should refrain from overly touching their eyes as avoiding excessive contact gives lashes the best chance at remaining in place. 

Eye rubbing

A normal amount of eye rubbing should be fine, but overly rubbing your eyes in general could lead to more eyelashes being lost than usual. Eye rubbing can be especially damaging for those suffering from a medical condition or stress that is contributing to hair loss. 

Medical conditions

There are a few medical conditions that could contribute to eyelash loss. An overactive or underactive thyroid gland, hormonal change, or alopecia can all cause problems with eyelashes. Those who believe they may be suffering from a medical condition should contact their GP.

Beauty routine

Your beauty routine could be contributing to your eyelash loss and can be one of the biggest factors that cause eyelashes to fall out. Irritation from cosmetic products such as leaving eye makeup on longer than intended, having unknown allergies to mascara and eyelash glue, and excessive use of eyelash curlers are just some of the ways in which a beauty routine can cause eyelashes to drop out. It is always important to look at the ingredients of your makeup, and be delicate when applying makeup around your eyes.

Is it normal to lose eyelashes?

It is completely normal to lose between one and five eyelashes each day. While losing a small amount of eyelashes daily is nothing to be concerned about, if you are losing eyelashes in one spot, such as just losing bottom eyelashes, this could be something worth looking into. Medical conditions such as Madarosis can cause hair loss around the eyelash or eyebrow area and can often affect just a small part of the skin. This condition can lead to permanent loss of hair, where the eyelashes will not naturally grow back.

If you lose eyelashes, do they grow back?

There is no definitive answer as to whether they will grow back, as it depends on each person’s individual circumstances. If the skin is not too damaged, eyelashes should be able to grow back without any problems, but where the hair follicles are too damaged from scarring by over rubbing, or irritation from beauty products, the lashes may be unable to grow back.

Eyelash hair loss treatment with Crown Clinic

Eyelashes aren’t just cosmetic, they also have a functional use of preventing foreign objects from entering the eye that could affect vision and potentially cause pain or injury. For those experiencing permanent eyelash loss, our groundbreaking eyelash transplant surgery can bring your eyelashes back to their previous health. 

Contact us to book a consultation, or browse our case studies to hear from our many satisfied customers about their transformative procedures.

Frequently asked questions about eyelash hair loss

Do you lose eyelashes as you age?

Eyelashes are known to naturally thin as you age, meaning it is usually nothing to be concerned about if your lashes become slightly thinner as you get older.

Can you lose eyelashes from stress?

Yes, stress is one of the most common ways you may experience losing eyelash hairs. It is also common for people to pull their eyelashes due to stress. This should be avoided as it can lead to permanent damage to the hair follicles.

How many eyelashes do you lose a day?

The average person will lose between one and five eyelashes a day. Those consistently losing more than this could be suffering from stress, a medical condition, or may need to re-evaluate their beauty routine.

Why am I losing eyelashes on one eye?

Losing eyelashes on one eye is a common effect of Madarosis, which causes hair loss around the eyebrow and eyelash. It can often affect just a small part of the face, which is  often why people experience losing eyelashes on one eye. Madarosis can be permanent and cause the eyelashes to be unable to grow back. People suffering from this can contact us to discuss eyelash transplant surgery with one of our surgeons.