How to spot hair loss in eyebrows

There are a number of reasons why we may begin to lose our eyebrows, from age-related eyebrow hair loss to hormone imbalances or skin conditions. Eyebrow hair loss can occur from hereditary, hormonal or external influences. 

Whatever the reason, eyebrow hair loss can be concerning and can impact your self-esteem and confidence. If you have experienced eyebrow hair loss in the past, or have a family history of something that can cause loss of eyebrow hair, you may want to keep a closer look at whether you are beginning to lose yours. We will list below the best ways to keep track of eyebrow hair loss, so you can be one step ahead of any issues that are causing it.

How best to keep track of eyebrow hair loss

One thing to note is that some hair loss from our eyebrows is completely normal and is most often not a cause for concern. But those who may be looking out for eyebrow hair loss can use the following steps to spot the symptoms as soon as they occur.

Eyebrow thinning

Eyebrow thinning is a common sign of eyebrow hair loss, and is the most obvious way to see if any hair loss is occurring. The easiest way to spot this is if the overall volume of the eyebrows seems to be reducing and you notice they do not seem as full as they once did.

Change in colour 

This point links into eyebrow thinning, as when the density of your eyebrow hair becomes considerably less, the tone may seem different than it once did, as you can see skin through the hair. 

Irregular eyebrow shape

You may begin to notice your eyebrows naturally develop into a shape they haven’t been previously. This can be the visual effect of patches at the edges of your eyebrows, causing them to appear to be a different shape. This is most obvious with eyebrow hair loss on one side, as it makes the eyebrows look as though they are no longer symmetrical.

Bald patches

Noticing bald patches in your eyebrows is an obvious way that you can tell you are losing hair from your eyebrows, and if you are already noticing patches of baldness, it is worth getting your symptoms checked out with a healthcare professional.

Longer hairs

If you begin to notice that certain hairs actually appear longer than they used to, this could be because the thinning hair is making the original hairs appear longer, when in fact they are just comparatively longer next to the thinner or shorter patches. 

Reasons for eyebrow hair loss 

There are a variety of reasons a person may experience hair loss or thinning to their eyebrows. Age is a common factor with eyebrows thinning, and as both men and women get older hair follicles begin to stop producing hair and eyebrows can begin to thin. As well as ageing, issues such as nutritional deficiencies, skin conditions or medication side effects can contribute to loss of eyebrow hair, along with a variety of other factors.

You can read our full guide on why your eyebrows are thinning here.

Eyebrow hair loss solutions with Crown Clinic

Eyebrow hair thinning caused by nutritional deficiencies and other similar influences can be rectified when the root cause of the problem is fixed. However, hair loss due to ageing and certain other factors is more permanent, with hair unable to grow back naturally. For anyone experiencing this, but wanting a permanent solution, eyebrow transplants are the only procedure which can completely rectify the problem with great looking results and a short recovery time. 

Dr Shahmalak has completed numerous procedures on patients and celebrities across the UK, and is one of the world’s leading surgeons for eyebrow and eyelash transplants, having completed the first eyelash transplant in the UK on a patient from Greater Manchester.  

Contact the clinic today to arrange a consultation with Dr Shahmalak to bring your eyebrows back to the fullness they once had.