Hair transplant repairs with Crown Clinic’s Dr Asim Shahmalak

A significant number of patients who come to see our world-renowned surgeon Asim Shahmalak are those seeking repairs to previous hair transplant surgery

Unfortunately, not all clinics operate to the very high standards of Crown Clinic, especially clinics abroad, in countries like Turkey, particularly where the hair transplantation industry regulation is minimal. 

Hair transplantation in the UK is very tightly regulated. No one can operate without going through exhaustive but necessary tests and inspections each year. Sadly, that is not the case in other countries. 

One patient who came to Crown Clinic seeking repair work was Adeleh Deane, 39, who was left with an ugly 'Frankenstein-style' scar on her head after a botched cut-price transplant operation in Thailand. Adeleh paid just £1,500 for the surgery in Bangkok – a quarter of the price for the same procedure in UK hospitals. 

But the bungled operation by a 'butcher' left Ms Deane with a severe scar along her hairline, thinning patches of hair and a paler strip of skin where surgeons had stitched flesh across her scalp. She was forced to seek reconstructive surgery from Dr Shahmalak to fix the damage caused by doctors at the unregulated Thai clinic. 

Dr Shahmalak carried out a seven-hour grafting operation on Ms Dean to individually move more than 3,000 follicles onto her forehead and fix the damage. He said: “It was a difficult procedure because we were repairing damage caused by an earlier botched operation. It's never easy transplanting onto a scar, but in this case, the results were very good, and I was pleased.” 

Ms Deane said: “I couldn't afford to go to a proper surgeon – so I went to a butcher, basically. I had a Frankenstein scar, and now you can't see it.” 


If you have been left with a botched hair transplant, get in touch with Crown Clinic to find out if we can help you restore your hair