The confidence killer: Women are more affected by hair loss than men

Hair loss can affect people in many different ways. Some casually accept it and carry on, but for others it’s much more of a concern, particularly when it comes to their confidence.

We recently carried out a survey and discovered that, while both men and women can be affected emotionally when it comes to losing their hair, women are affected much more than men. But why is this and what can women do to either cope with or treat their hair loss, to feel confident once again?


Findings from our research

In our survey of 2013 adults aged 25 and over, we found that 73% of the female respondents’ confidence would be knocked or diminished altogether, if they were to begin losing hair. These numbers are significant in comparison to the 34% of male respondents who said their confidence would be knocked.

The survey also found that of these women, 12% thought that their hair was receding, with one fifth of these women being between 24 and 34 years old!


What causes hair loss in women?

There are many causes of hair loss, including medical and genetic factors. Sometimes our hair loss is caused by how we have treated our hair and scalp in the past, through the use of harsh chemicals and hair products.

Hair loss can result in a slight thinning of the hair, or where areas of the scalp completely lose all of the hair covering it. It can happen gradually over time, or sometimes it can happen extremely quickly and suddenly.


You are not alone

With a lot of social expectations surrounding beauty and how we present ourselves to the world, it’s understandable that women can feel worried when they begin to lose their hair. But if you’re a woman and you believe that your hair is beginning to recede, we hope that the results from our survey help you understand that you are not alone. Losing hair is completely natural and in these modern times, there are plenty of ways to either cope with or fix your hair loss, that are much more accepted than they once were.


Talk to someone

Whether it’s a family member or friend, or even a local support group, talking to someone you trust about how you are feeling about your hair loss is a great stepping stone to feeling more confident in yourself again.


Try a temporary fix

Wigs are becoming more “in” these days, with many female celebrities wearing them on a daily basis to make their look unique. If you have lost a large amount of hair, consider trying out a wig, be it for a more natural look or maybe even a more extravagant look.


Invest in a hair transplant

If you are looking for something more permanent to truly regain your confidence, consider having a hair transplant carried out. Here at Crown Clinic, we specialise not only in carrying our hair transplant procedures, but consulting you beforehand. So if you have any questions or concerns about hair transplants, feel free to book a consultation with one of our professionals.

Alternatively, you can find out plenty of information on our website, concerning the different types of hair transplants and the procedure itself. Why not take a look at one of our popular procedures, the FUE hair transplant? We also have a page dedicated to hair transplants for women, where you can find plenty of information prior to booking a consultation.


Be cautious of “instant fixes”

There are a lot of products being pushed online, that promise to instantly eradicate your hair loss, but these claims can often be false, and the products themselves can sometimes be dangerous. Try to avoid these types of products and instead, seek advice and guidance from a professional who specialises in hair loss treatment.