Beware of Illegal Hair Transplant Clinics

At Crown Clinic, ensuring our patients receive the best possible treatment and care is a priority.

Our excellent reputation has taken us all over the world to perform hair transplants, increase their popularity and build trust with the public.

Unfortunately, there has been an emergent trend in recent years for illicit clinics which are putting unsuspecting patients at risk medically and financially.

Hair transplants are an innovative medical procedure that can offer a permanent solution to hair loss. They improve a patient’s appearance and give them self-confidence. However, a hair transplant which doesn’t work can exacerbate the problem and whilst there are savings to be made by going abroad initially, in the long-term, having to reinvest to remedy a poor transplant, in addition to the physical toll, can be hugely detrimental to overall well-being.

At Crown Clinic, hair transplants are performed exclusively by our experienced and certified physician, Dr Shahmalak.

But unfortunately, this high standard is now seen less and less. It is often reported to us that those who perform surgery in illegal clinics have no medical background whatsoever.

Travelling Abroad for a Transplant

A recent article published by ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) highlights some of the problems being caused by illegal clinics operating throughout Europe.

It’s reported that many of these clinics offer hair transplants at a scarily low price and look to take advantage of the insecurity and sometimes, desperation around hair loss.

Over the last few years, Turkey has emerged as a key destination for hair transplants.

Today, countless illegal clinics function there. They are staffed by individuals who are ill-qualified to perform this type of procedure.

They mislead patients and tempt them with ‘vacation’ style operations at prices that qualified, UK hair transplant clinicians could never operate at. These unscrupulous methods are endangering the public’s health and are disrespectful towards the integrity of the medical profession.

Here at Crown Clinic, we are spending more of our time providing emergency treatment and the results are often harrowing. At times the damage done to the donor area is irreversible.

If you’re considering a hair transplant it’s essential to research around the subject. Any qualified physician will happily provide their qualifications and offer complete transparency.

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Shahmalak please contact us today on 0345 2 100 300.