Big boom in celebrity hair transplants

You’ll have read here in the last few months about the boom in celebrity hair transplants.

We are not just talking about the celebrities such as Christian Jessen and Calum Best who have come to Crown Clinic for their treatments.

But other stars like Robbie Williams have followed Wayne Rooney in making no secret of the fact that they have received help to treat their male pattern badlenss (MPB).

The positive effect of all these stars going public is a rise in bookings of around 25% at the Crown Clinic as thousands of ordinary men mimic the hair treatments embraced by their favourite stars.

Last week, Gordon Ramsay showed off the very obvious signs of a FUE procedure – Follicular Unit Extraction – with the red dots on the back of his shaved head.

Another of our favourite stars looks like he might need some helping combating MPB.

Take a look at these pictures of Matt LeBlanc, loved by millions for his role as Joey in Friends

American star Matt  is showing noticeable thinning towards the front of his scalp.

It is not surprising Matt is thinning at 46: half of his his age will be showing signs baldness.

Unusually for a screen star  showing such advanced stages of MPB he is making no attempt to disguise his hair loss – either by wearing a hat or a cap or by shaving his head.

Liam Gallagher choses to disguise his baldness by having a crew cut – even with this cut, you can cleary see he is receding around the temples.

Take a look at the pictures of Liam here:

We’d love to welcome Matt or Liam to the Crown Clinic in Manchester or to our consultation rooms at Harley Street in London.

Our surgeon Asim Shahmalak could definitely make those bald spots disappear and help Matt and Liam to maintain their heart-throb status.