Crown Clinic is very proud of its celebrity ambassadors

Every patient who comes to Crown Clinic gets exactly the same high level of care from our internationally renowned surgeon Asim Shahmalak and the rest of the team.

But we make no secret of the fact that we do enjoy working with celebrity clients.

One of our most famous celebrity clients is Christian Jessen, presenter of the Channel 4 medical show Embarrassing Bodies.

There have been several articles in the media about Dr Jessen’s two procedures at Crown Clinic. You can read one of them here:

He has had two FUT – follicular unit traction– procedures to fill out his hairline around his temples.

Christian very kindly called Dr Shahmalak ‘my brilliant surgeon.’

Obviously, we value positive testimonies from all patients but they have a little more resonance when they come from Britain’s most high-profile doctors.

Patients know that he will have done vigorous checks before choosing their surgeon and he could pick any surgeon in the world for his procedures.

Obviously, we are enormously flattered that he chose Crown Clinic because he knows we provide the very best care in the world.

And it means the world to Asim that he is known as the ‘doctor’s doctor.’

Christian recommended Dr Shahmalak to his 324,000 followers on Twitter over the weekend. He had been praised for his appearance on the Channel 4 show Stand Up To Cancer.

Ever generous, Christian wanted to give praise to the team for his good looks including our own Dr Shahmalak who he said was responsible for his hair.

You can read the tweet here: