Crown Clinic patient Chris Steed back on TV on Gogglebox

At Crown Clinic, we are looking forward to the return of Gogglebox on Channel 4 this Friday at 9pm.

Gogglebox is the most popular show on Channel 4 with 4 million weekly viewers.

Two of the most popular stars of the show are hair dresser Chris Steed and his former boyfriend Stephen Webb who have been on the show since it started.

Chris came to see our surgeon Asim Shahmalak at Crown Clinic at the end of last year because he was concerned about his hair loss.

He had first start losing his hair when he was 18 and, after covering up his male pattern baldness with wigs for several years, he had had a hair transplant procedure covering the front of his scalp five years ago.

He was pleased with the result and decided to have a second procedure with Mr Shahmalak in January – this time covering his crown and balding areas in his mid scalp.

You may have seen coverage of Chris’s more recent procedure in the media over the summer. There was a great piece on Mail Online and lots of media covered the story:

You can read the full story about Chris’s procedure on the Crown Clinic website here:

Chris had 2,000 grafts transplanted into his balding crown using the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method favoured by stars such as Calum Best (another Crown Clinic patient) and the England football captain Wayne Rooney.

Other Crown Clinic patients, such as the TV doctor Christian Jessen, prefer the FUT (follicular unit transplantation) method, also known as strip harvesting.

Now Chris and Stephen have written a book which comes out on Thursday.

Chris details his problems with hair loss in the book and thanks our surgeon Asim and the brilliant staff at Crown Clinic for his treatment.

We hope you enjoy watching Chris on Gogglebox on Friday.

And remember, when you see his hair looking a little fuller than when he was last on, you now know the reason why.