Crown Clinic surgeon Asim Shahmalak takes over as President of the Trichological Society

Crown Clinic’s consultant surgeon Asim Shahmalak has taken over as President of the Trichological Society.

You can see Asim being passed on the ceremonial chain worn by Presidents by the previous President Janet Palin in a ceremony last week in the picture on this page.

The appointment illustrates Dr Shahmalak’s huge international reputation in the world of hair loss and hair transplantation.

You can learn more about Dr Shahmalak’s appointment here.

The Trichological Society (TTS) is an independent,  autonomous, professional body with an international reputation.

TTS is dedicated to orthodox hair sciences and hair specialisms.  It has been providing academic standard distance learning trichology courses to dedicated students from medical and non-medical backgrounds  – worldwide, for 16 years.

The increasing worldwide membership includes respected academics in the field of orthodox hair sciences.

Dr Shahmalak will hold the post for the next two years.

He is so respected because of his expertise carrying out  FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation) hair transplants.

Dr Shahmalak has also pioneered new hair transplant treatments in the UK including eyebrow transplants, eyelash transplants and beard and sideburn transplants.

He is looking forward to carrying on the excellent work of the Trichological Society.