Does an FUE hair transplant hurt?

If you’ve started looking into FUE hair transplant surgery, the chances are you’ve stumbled across countless images of patients immediately after surgery, displaying a sore-looking hairline covered with red dots.

Whilst this may look raw and painful – and maybe has even put you off considering hair restoration surgery – it shouldn’t get in the way of you achieving the hair you have always dreamed of. Everyone tolerates pain differently, so it’s hard to say how painful an FUE transplant will be, but we have put together a guide to give you more of an idea what to expect.

How painful is an FUE hair transplant?

An FUE hair transplant involves individual hair follicles being extracted from the donor area and transplanting them to the areas of the scalp that are balding. As it’s such a delicate procedure, it’s rather labour-intensive, and can look a little raw afterwards.

However, the actual FUE shouldn’t cause any pain during the procedure, as most surgeons use a local anaesthetic to numb the scalp. It may be slightly uncomfortable at first, but once the area is totally numb, you won’t feel any pain. Of course, this will vary from person to person, but your surgeon will do what they can to make your hair surgery as comfortable as possible.

How long does the pain last after an FUE hair transplant?

The pain after a hair transplant varies – some people may only feel soreness for a day or two after the procedure, others might feel some discomfort for a week or so. Generally, the more grafts you have, the longer it takes to heal, so you may experience some discomfort for longer.

In most cases, any redness will last for a maximum of two weeks after surgery. However, if you do experience redness for a longer period of time than this after your hair transplant, or you feel as if your scalp isn’t healing as well as it could, it’s important to get in touch with your surgeon as soon as possible to check if there is an underlying issue that could be contributing to the discomfort.

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Hair transplants may not be a completely pain-free option, but they are the only permanent way to restore your hair back to its former glory, which far outweighs the temporary discomfort you may feel from the procedure. As the saying goes, ‘no pain, no gain’, so don’t let your worries get in the way. Crown Clinic are happy to talk to you about any concerns you might have about the surgery if you book in for a consultation.