A guide to transgender hair transplant surgery

For many people, hair is a key part of their identity and the gender they identify with. In the case of people transitioning from one gender to another, or those who identify outside the gender binaries, hair plays an important role in gender expression. Trans people may want their hair styled in a particular way so they feel more confident in their gender expression.

People transitioning may want their hair to be permanently changed at some point, as normal hair growth for transgender people may not necessarily fit in with their gender identity. At Crown Clinic, we offer transgender hair transplant surgery in the form of FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedures, both of which are safe and effective, and can help you on your way to being more confident and secure in your chosen identity. We also provide you with advice and guidance on a variety of matters, from male pattern baldness and female hair loss, to eyelash and eyebrow transplants.

What’s the process of a transgender hair transplant?

The process of a hair transplant for transgender people is straightforward, mostly thanks to the expertise of our surgeon. The main treatments involved in a trans hair transplant are FUE and FUT, both of which are effective at promoting hair growth and making hair thicker and longer. These treatments can be used for both male to female (MtF) and female to male (FtM) transitioning, as they can help to create a more natural and correctly shaped hairline, depending on the gender you identify with. 

Those who are transitioning from FtM may also want to look into receiving an eyebrow or beard transplant, which can help to combat gender dysphoria. Our expert surgeon Dr Shahmalak can make your eyebrow or beard transplant look as natural as possible, and offer advice on aftercare and maintenance. 

How to combat transgender hair loss 

Transgender male hair

While testosterone can encourage hair growth, female to male transitioners who are taking testosterone may actually encounter problems with hair loss, particularly male pattern baldness brought about by a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, which can cause brittle and weak hair and hair loss. Having a hair transplant is a great way to combat dihydrotestosterone-induced hair loss, and produces more consistent and natural results. You can also take minoxidil or finasteride, both of which are known to treat dihydrotestosterone and are effective transgender hair loss treatments. 

Transgender female hair 

Transitioning from male to female means that you may be taking oestrogen supplements, causing high or imbalanced levels of the hormone at first as your body adjusts. Much like dihydrotestosterone, particularly high oestrogen levels can contribute to hair loss. Treatments like minoxidil and finasteride may benefit you in this case, however if the issue is particularly chronic and recurring, a transplant may be required to reduce any bald or thinning hair patches and promote healthier and thicker hair growth. 

If you are considering or are currently in the process of hormone replacement therapy, make sure you are aware of all of the potential risks involved and how to combat them, so as to hopefully minimise any triggers for gender dysphoria. 

Other causes of hair loss

Hair loss isn’t always caused by hormonal changes, but rather can be caused by hereditary and environmental factors. The most common cause of hair loss is pattern baldness or telogen effluvium, and both males and females can experience hair loss known as androgenic alopecia, which is mostly hereditary. 

If you suffer from male pattern baldness pre-transition, it can affect the thickness of your hair or its natural growth cycle after your transition. This is when a hair transplant would be most useful and effective, as it can help to restore your hair’s natural thickness and reduce any thinning or baldness left behind as a result of hair loss. 

Why choose Crown Clinic for transgender hair transplant surgery?

Crown Clinic is known for its professionalism and care towards the patients that have chosen our clinic as the solution to their hair loss issues. We are an inclusive and safe space for anyone looking to get a hair transplant, and expertly carry out numerous transgender hair transplant procedures every year.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation with our surgeon Dr Shahmalak, who is renowned for his expertise and has performed surgeries on many well known celebrities