Hair Transplants In The Media

The start of 2016 has seen a lot of media and coverage around hair transplants . First of all, Christopher Maloney came back into the limelight after entering Celebrity Big Brother. The former X Factor star has had a total of three different hair transplants as he found that his hair was slowly falling out due to the stress of the live shows during the X Factor.

James Nesbitt was the next star to be spotted with a new hair transplant. After briefly making an appearance in the media in late 2013 when he was spotted with ‘new hair’, he was again back in the media spotlight after presenting an award at the prestigious Ballon D’or ceremony. Despite being on stage next to two of the most famous and best footballers in the world, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, people still noticed and talked about Nesbitt’s
hair transplant.

The next piece of media was involving former Chelsea and Scotland international Pat Nevin. Due to the fact his post career is mainly featured on TV as a pundit, Pat was worried that his receding hairline may be a factor for him receiving less punditry work. Since his hair transplant, Pat has said he feels a lot more confident in front of the camera and his work hasn’t yet dried up. Whilst hair loss should not mean you lose your job, confidence is needed in Pat’s line of work, as he is often appearing on TV in front of millions of viewers.

These stories all continue the trend that people, especially males, are now more open to get a hair transplant and even talk about it in the media and press. James Nesbitt and Pat Nevin also highlight that people in the football industry are now accepting hair transplants as a normal procedure. Football is often seen as a ‘macho’ sport but we have seen high profile players like Wayne Rooney and former players like Didi Hamman all be open about having a hair transplant, as well as new Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp .