How a hair transplant can change your life

Hair transplants are transforming the lives of thousands of people each and every year, by helping to restore the hair they have lost over time. Hair loss can quicken the ageing process, something that many people are concerned about. Men in particular are more prone to hair loss, and so having a solution available that can bring back years of youthfulness can have a fantastic impact on their daily lives.

We recently spoke to a number of people in the UK about hair loss and how it affects their confidence. Here we discuss the impact hair loss is having on people and their everyday lives, and how hair transplants, FUE procedures in particular, can help to change the lives of those suffering from losing their hair.


How do people feel about hair loss?

After speaking to 2000 people about hair loss and confidence, we found that 10% of women believe that they are losing their hair. Of these women, around three quarters told us that their confidence had been knocked due to the loss. Compared to two thirds of men reporting a knock in their confidence, it appears that women feel the effects much more than men.

We also noticed a difference in the feelings of younger men compared to older gents. Our research found that over half of men aged between 24 and 34 years old think that their hair is thinning or receding, compared to two-thirds of men above the age of 55. Yet whilst there are more men losing hair at an older age, the younger men we spoke to are more likely to consider a hair transplant – 40% compared to 10%, in fact. This is due to the lack of confidence that younger men feel when they begin to lose hair. Over 75% have noticed a lack of confidence due to hair loss, which can affect day-to-day life.

Of course, hair loss is something that can continue to develop over time and throughout a person’s life, but with the help of a hair transplant, the hair loss process can be reversed, as can a person’s lack of confidence. Here at Crown Clinic, we offer a number of different hair transplant procedures, with the FUE hair transplant being one of the most popular choices amongst our clients. But what are the benefits of having an FUE hair transplant and how could it potentially change your life?


The benefits of an FUE hair transplant

Little to No Pain: Firstly, the procedure itself causes minimal discomfort, as does recovery after the transplant is finished. This means you can go happily go about your day as little as a few hours after the procedure.

Minimal Scarring: Secondly, an FUE hair transplant will not leave you with any scars from grafts. The area the hair is taken from to implant in the bald area will continue to look the same. As such, it won’t be overly obvious that you have had a hair transplant.

Natural Appearance: The approach that comes with a FUE ensures that the regrowth of hair will look natural, maybe even as it once did before your hair began thinning!

Easy to Maintain: It takes little to no maintenance to keep your hair transplant happy and healthy. You should be able to continue living life as you did before the procedure, knowing that the hair transplant will begin to work its magic.

A One-Off Fix: The majority of FUE hair transplants last a lifetime, so you can rest assured that the procedure will be well worth investing in.

Of course, all the benefits above combined can help to bring about the greatest benefit of all – healthy hair, a positive impact on your confidence and a fantastic change to your life. If you’ve felt a lack of confidence due to losing hair, don’t hold back on booking a consultation with one of our specialists. They can discuss your options and potentially change the future of you and your hair.