How can you finance your FUE hair transplant?

If a full head of hair is something you’ve been dreaming of, the cost of the FUE hair transplant procedure shouldn’t hold you back.

FUE hair transplants can help boost your self-esteem and increase your confidence, helping you to feel happier in your own skin. The cost shouldn’t get in the way of getting that feeling, which is why we’re here to show you that getting your hair transplant can be easy and affordable with the proper planning.


Budgeting and saving

The best place to start is managing your budgeting and saving up a sum of money to either pay a portion or all of the cost. Ensuring you have a safe nest egg will help with financing your transplant and help ease your mind when it comes to worrying about the cost.

Cutting out unnecessary spending can help to populate your savings account much quicker than saving a fixed sum every month. Instead of buying items, you don’t need or really want, put that money into your savings.

Depending on the price of your procedure, you can either save up the total amount and pay it off in one lump sum or combine it with a personal loan to cover the full cost.


Personal loans

Even though personal loans are not advised, they can be an option for those looking for a little extra help with the full cost of the FUE hair transplant.

It’s important you take care when taking out a personal loan, and it’s always best to have a portion of the cost saved up so you don’t have to borrow the full amount. Make sure to read the full terms and conditions when applying.


Finance options with Crown Clinic

A better and more affordable option is to take advantage of Crown Clinic’s finance options, which allow you to pay off your treatment in affordable monthly instalments. You can spread the cost over 6 or 10 months, meaning there is no initial outlay of cash you need to save.

Our finance options are subject to a credit application, but they can be the perfect alternative to a personal loan – find out more about our financing options and see if you are eligible.