How much money do women think men spend on their hair?

There’s a common perception amongst men, that women spend an extortionate amount of money on their hair. But is this actually true?

Recent research has revealed that on average, women spend £751 on haircare per year; including cuts, colours, styling, shampoos, and conditioners. This is almost double the average of £364 that men supposedly spend on their hair over the year.

To see if current perceptions match up with reality, we conducted a survey to find out how much men really think women spend on hair care. Here’s what we found out.


21% of men think that women only spend between £0-£250 on their hair…

Despite being so vocal about women’s haircare costs, our survey found that over a fifth of men thought that women only spend between £0 and £250 on haircare each year.

This estimated spend on women’s haircare is significantly lower than the average of £364 that men spend on their own hair over the year. This not only suggests that a good proportion of men think women spend far less on their hair – some even think that the ladies are getting a cheaper deal!


Most men believe that women spend between £751-£1000 on haircare over 12 months

Over a fifth of respondents came very close to the true figure, listing that they believed women spend between £751-£1000 on haircare over the year.

This shows that more men are aware of women’s haircut prices; possibly due to the highly publicised differences between the prices of men’s and women’s haircuts. Nevertheless, the range of results shows that there is still some confusion when it comes to women’s average hair salon prices.

Older men think that women spend less on their hair than younger men…

Surprisingly, our research found that ideas about the amount that women spend on their hair vary depending on who you’re asking.

Most men aged 65 and above, thought that women spent up to £250 on hair care over 12 months, whereas most men aged 35-44 believed that women spend £751-£1000 on their hair over the same amount of time.

There could be many reasons for this. By 60, two-thirds of men have experienced some kind of hair loss. This means that many older men may not have the need for the multitude of haircare products on the market and as a result may be out of touch with current haircare prices.

Is spending all that money on our hair worth it?

Over the years, the amount spent on hair care by both men and women can rack up significantly; especially for those looking for hair loss solutions.

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