Lulu is Britain’s most ever-green female star

We’ve been doing some more research at Crown Clinic. We thought it would be fun to look at how our favourite celebrities are ageing and who looks the best as the years roll on. We specifically asked which stars looked youngest in the way they dressed and wore their hair.

The findings were fascinating – with Lulu winning the female poll and Paul McCartney wearing the male poll.

Lulu’s real age is 66 but she dresses like a 38-year-old – a difference of 28 years; Macca’s real age is 72 but his dress age is 48 – a 24-year difference.

What was particularly interesting to us was that not a single male celebrity in the male top ten was showing any significant signs of male pattern baldness.

It shows again that stars can significantly prolong their careers if they can keep hold of their hair. Some are lucky enough to do this naturally while others benefit from an FUE or a FUT hair transplant.

Here are the full findings of the poll, with analysis from our surgeon Asim Shahmalak. We expect the poll to be featured in the media over the next few days.

Lulu tops a new poll to find the star who dresses years younger than her real age. The singer is 66 but dresses like a 38-year-old – giving her a gap of 28 years
* Joan Collins came second – she is 81 but dresses like she is 55, a gap of 26 years.
* Anne Robinson came third with a real age of 70 and a dress age of 51
* Paul McCartney topped the male section – his real age is 72 and his dress age is 48.

Lulu is the world’s most ever-green female celebrity, according to a new poll which looked at the difference between stars’ real ages and the age at which they dress.
The singer’s real age is 66 but she dresses like a woman of 38 – giving her a difference of 28 years.
Joan Collins came second – she is 81 but dresses like she is a 55-year-old, a gap of 26 years.
In third place was Weakest Link presenter Anne Robinson – whose real age is 70 and whose dress age is 51.
Paul McCartney topped the male section with a difference of 24 years between his real age of 72 and the age he dresses – 48.
In second place was Johnny Depp who has a real age of 51 and dresses like a 29-year-old – a difference of 22 years.
Third place went to 72-year-old Harrison Ford, who dresses like a man of 54, 18 years younger than his real age
The survey of 1,000 people was carried out by Crown Clinic, Britain’s leading hair transplant centre.
A panel was asked to gauge which stars showed the biggest difference between their real ages and the age they dressed.
The poll found that 82% of people believe that it was possible to look younger than your real age by the way you dress.
However, 42% of people also said that wearing inappropriate clothing can also ADD years to your real age.
The biggest single factor which aged a celebrity of either sex was greying hair, chosen by 78% of respondents.
Other factors which aged stars were wrinkles (69%), being overweight (57%), lined hands (54%), and hair loss (52%).
Fourth place in the female poll went to Sigourney Weaver – with a real age of 65 and a dress age of 47, a gap of 18 years.
Elle Macpherson was fifth with a difference of 17 years between her real age of 51 and her dress age of 34.
Fourth place in the male poll went to Brad Pitt, who is 51 but dresses like a 34-year-old. Fifth place went to Mick Jagger, whose real age is 71 and his dress age is 55.
Hair transplant surgeon Asim Shahmalak said: “Lulu looks incredible – it is staggering that she is six years over the legal retirement age for a woman in Britain.
“Similarly Paul McCartney is a wonderful advert for great styling – we all know he dyes his hair but he does it brilliantly and looks decades younger than his real age.
“What is very clear from this poll is that nothing ages a star quicker than their hair.
“None of the top 10 women and a few of the men has grey hair, and all the men show no appreciable signs of baldness.
“The message is clear: if you want to stay at the top, look after your hair.”
Dr Shahmalak is Britain’s hair transplant surgeon to the stars.
His clients include Dr Christian Jessen, presenter of the Channel 4 medical show Embarrassing Bodies, and Calum Best from Celebrity Big Brother.

Real Age   Dress Age  Difference
1 Lulu                             66              38               28
2 Joan Collins                81              55               26
3 Anne Robinson           70              51               19
4 Sigourney Weaver      65              47               18
5 Elle Macpherson         51              34               17
6 Carole Vorderman       54              38               16
7 Demi Moore                 52              37               15
8 Sandra Bullock             50              37               13
9 Amanda Holden            44              34               10
10 Halle Berry                  48              39                9

Real Age    Dress Age   Difference
1 Paul McCartney            72                48               24
2 Johnny Depp                 51                29               22
3 Harrison Ford                72                54               18
4 Brad Pitt                         51                34              17
5 Mick Jagger                    71                55              16
6 Tom Cruise                     52                37              15
7 Keith Richard                  71                 57             14
8 David Beckham               40                 30             10
9 Rob Lowe                        51                 42              9
10 Ewan McGregor            44                  36              8