Prince Harry has the sexiest beard in the world, according to a new Crown Clinic survey

Crown Clinic has been in the news this week with our new survey saying that Prince Harry has the sexiest beard in the world.

He takes over the crown from David Beckham who drops down to the second place.

The survey is making headlines all over the world including big pieces here in Mail Online and the Daily Star.

We did the survey to highlight the fact that as many as 45% of British men struggle to grow full beards like Prince Harry.

As our surgeon Asim Shahmalak explained to the media, one way to combat the problem is by having a beard or sideburn transplant. Men can bolster either with hair harvested from the back or sides of their heads.

Here are the full findings of the survey.

His royal hairness! Prince Harry tops a new poll to find the sexiest celebrity beard – taking over crown from David Beckham
* Bad news is the ginger fuzz makes the prince look three years older;
* George Clooney was third and Ben Affleck was fourth;
* 62% of men reckon they look better with beards but only 38% of women agree;
* 45% of men struggle to grow a full beard like Prince Harry

Prince Harry has the sexiest beard in the world, according to a new survey.
The 31-year-old prince took over the crown from second-placed David Beckham, who has previously been voted the best beard wearer.
In third place was George Clooney and fourth was Ben Affleck.
But while the prince’s closely cropped ginger beard has been a big hit with fans, they reckon it has aged the royal by three years.
They said he looked like a 34-year-old with his new growth.
Those polled were asked to gauge how old each star looked with a beard.
Beckham’s beard aged him by two years – so he looks 42 with a beard compared to his real age of 40.
All the stars in the top ten looked older with a beard.
The results came in a new survey of 1,000 people by Crown Clinic in Manchester, Britain’s leading hair transplant centre.
The fifth most popular celebrity beard wearer was Ryan Gosling and Hugh Jackman was sixth.
Stella McCartney’s designer husband Alasdhair Willis was seventh – the third-highest Brit on the list.
Eighth place went to Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal was ninth and Fifty Shades of Grey hunk Jamie Dornan was tenth.
Men and women were split over whether the stars looked better with their facial hair.
The majority of men (62%) reckon that the stars were more attractive with beards.
But fewer women were fans of the facial fuzz, with just 38% preferring beards and 62% saying they prefer their men to be clean-shaven.
Almost half of the men (45%) are unable to grow a full beard like Prince Harry.
Growing numbers of men are augmenting their facial hair with either beard or sideburn transplants.
Three years ago, bookings jumped by 25% due to the popularity of Olympic cycling hero Bradley Wiggins, famous for his mutton chop sideburns.
Crown Clinic surgeon Asim Shahmalak is hoping for a similar surge, thanks to Prince Harry’s new beard.
Dr Shahmalak said: “Prince Harry is a trendsetter for lots of men around the world and the reaction to his beard has been universally positive.
“While he looks great with his ginger fuzz, the sad fact is almost half the men in the UK cannot grow a full beard like Harry.
“There are gaps in their beard or sideburns and the end result is patchy and unattractive. We can fill in those gaps to make sure any man can get a full beard like Harry.”
Dr Shahmalak is the stars’  favourite hair transplant surgeon and his previous clients include Calum Best and Embarrassing Bodies presenter Christian Jessen.

Top 10 celebrity beards

1 Prince Harry
2 David Beckham
3 George Clooney
4 Ben Affleck
5 Ryan Gosling
6 Hugh Jackman
7 Alasdhair Willis
8 Brad Pitt
9 Jake Gyllenhaal
10 Jamie Dornan

How a beard ages men

Real Age         Age he looks with a Beard

1 Prince Harry            31                    34
2 David Beckham       40                    42
3 George Clooney      54                    55
4 Ben Affleck              43                    45
5 Ryan Gosling           34                    37
6 Hugh Jackman         46                    49
7 Alasdhair Willis         43                    46
8 Brad Pitt                    51                    52
9 Jake Gyllenhaal        34                    39
10 Jamie Dornan         33                    36