Robbie Williams latest celebrity to have a hair transplant

Robbie Williams is the latest celebrity to go public after having a hair transplant.

Williams, 39, revealed on Graham Norton’s BBC1 chat show that he had had the procedure in Los Angeles recently because he was ‘bored.’

You can read more about his procedure here:

Our surgeon Asim Shahmalaksaid Williams was very sensible to have the operation now before he suffered further hair loss.

Dr Shahmalak said: “Robbie’s new hair looks great and I can understand exactly why he had it done.

“If you look at pictures of him before the operation, he had a small amoun of  hair loss around the temples and the front of his scalp.

“In the long-term, this would have developed and he would have been worried about only having a small tuft of natural hair at the front of his scalp because he is thinning on his temples.

“He would have ended up looking like Alan Shearer who has that small tuft of natural hair at the front.

For a high profile singer like Robbie, the best time to treat hair loss such as this is at its outset,” he said.

“Image is everything to a star like Robbie. He is still a heart-throb to millions and you don’t see many heart-throbs who are bald.

“The fact that Robbie is 39 is probably significant, too – he is trying to slow down the ageing process before he hits 40.

There has been a 30% increase in men seeking hair transplants in the UK in the last five years.

For the under-30s, the rise is an even steeper 45% – largely due to the ‘Rooney effect.’

More young men in particular are resorting to surgery – inspired by celebrities such as Rooney and James Nesbitt who have both gone public following transplant operations and suffered no appreciable backlash.

A third of men are losing their hair by the time they are 30 and 40% by the time they are 40.

Dr Shahmalak said: “A hair transplant is the only cosmetic procedure most men will consider. There is no stigma attached to it any more. It is seen as normal as a woman having breast implants. Rooney went public very bravely after two

procedures but there were no taunts from football fans. Most people thought, ‘Good for you, Wayne’.”

Dr Shahmalak said that Robbie’s Take That bandmate Gary Barlow was also showing signs of male pattern baldness and could also benefit from a similar procedure to Williams.

“Gary is definitely thinning on top,” said Dr Shahmalak. “He should act now before if it is too late.

“Many men delay too long. Once you are in the advanced stages of baldness, hair transplants aren’t so effective – there is too large an area to cover.

“The time to act is in the early stages of male pattern baldness – that is why Robbie is right to have gone for a transplant.

“It is wonderful that Robbie has been so open about the procedure – just as Wayne Rooney was before.

“Millions of men will be inspired to follow their leads and have a transplant.

“It is fact that hair loss can shatter a man’s confidence. Why suffer when there is a simple remedy to the problem like a hair transplant?”