Seasonal hair loss: What you can do in spring to prepare for “shedding season”

Do you find yourself losing more hair in the summer months than in the colder ones? If so, you may be suffering from seasonal hair loss. According to research published in the British Journal of Dermatology, hair loss is more common in summer and autumn than it is in winter and spring. Therefore, your thinning locks may simply be down to a change in the weather.

However, can you prepare for the “shedding season” and prevent seasonal hair loss? In this article, we’ve examined the results of the study to see how you can make a proactive effort in spring, to combat hair loss in the warmer months of the year. Read on to learn more.

What factors cause seasonal hair loss in summer and autumn?

The study in the British Journal of Dermatology confirmed the link between the seasons and hair loss by analysing global Google Trends. By analysing the search volume of the term ‘hair loss’ between January 2004 and October 2016, they were able to discover that changes in season can influence hair loss. However, what causes this?

For those that go on a pre-holiday diet in summer, this could be the root cause of seasonal hair loss in autumn. This is because your hair is largely affected by your lifestyle, and a sudden change in diet can induce hair loss if you’re not getting enough nutrients.

Previous findings also suggest that seasonal hair loss may be a part of our biology as seasonal fluctuations in hair loss have been observed in animals such as:

  • Rhesus monkeys
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Camels

It’s difficult to pinpoint what causes increased hair loss in summer and autumn until further research is carried out. However, it’s also likely that the reasons above, plus a combination of other factors could be the culprit causing your hair to fall out in the warmer months.

How to stop seasonal hair loss

In order to prepare your hair for shedding season, it’s important to take extra care with your hair to prevent excessive hair loss. Here are our top tips:

Keep your hair hydrated and full of moisture

Moisture is the key to healthy and happy hair, as dry hair often becomes rigid and brittle making it prone to breakage.

Keep your hair full of moisture with frequent deep-conditioning treatments or a DIY hair masque. This will help you to retain hair when the shedding season rolls around.

Switch up your diet

Your hair is a good indicator of your health, therefore if you’ve noticed more frequent shedding, a diet-change could be the answer to help to restore your locks.

Protein is crucial for keeping your hair glossy and strong, so this spring, be sure to increase your intake of eggs, legumes and nuts so that you’ll have a healthy head of hair in time for summer and autumn.

Opt for a permanent solution

If you’ve noticed a significant amount of hair loss or your hair isn’t re-growing, you may be in need of a hair transplant.

Our FUT and FUE hair transplants offer a permanent solution for hair loss, and we’ve helped a range of patients to restore their hair to its former glory. Call 03452 100 300 today to see how we can transform your hair too.