Two-thirds of women give their lover the brush off when choosing a new hairstyle

We’ve been doing some fresh research for Crown Clinic – looking at what influences people before they change their hairstyle.

We want to see what drives men to seek a hair transplant– either a FUT or an FUE procedure?

It is obvious from our poll that their wife or girlfriend can be a key factor in encouraging men to come forward. Read the full findings of our survey here:

Two-thirds of women give their lover the brush off when choosing a new hairstyle, according to a new study by Crown Clinic 
* 83% of women reckon they know best what style suits them and are not influenced by the preferences of their husband or boyfriend;
* Women are more likely to be influenced by a girl pal – 54% will talk to a friend before switching styles, compared to 33% who will ask their man;
* Men are much more eager to please their partner when changing their hair – 57% would not switch if their partner objected;
* Women’s hair icons through the decades are Carla Delevingne, Duchess of Cambridge, Jennifer Aniston and Nigella Lawson – they like darker hair, and more subtle styles;
* Blondes definitely have more fun for men – their icons are Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz and Elle Macpherson;

Two-thirds of women ignore their partner’s wishes when choosing a new hairstyle, according to a new study.
It found that 83% of women believe they know best what style suits them and are not influenced by the preferences of their husband or boyfriend.
Women are more likely to be influenced by female friends than a lover – with 54% referring to pals before altering their look, compared to 33% who ask the man in their life.
Only one in six women (16%) would change their new hairstyle if their partner said he did not like what they were planning.
Men are much more likely to consult their lovers before switching styles.
Six out of ten men (62%) said they would ask their wife or girlfriend before adopting a new look.
And 57% of men would not go ahead with a radical change in style if their wife or girlfriend objected.
Only 54% of men believe they know the hairstyle that suits them best – and 20% would consult with male friends before switching styles.
The results are revealed in a new survey of 1,000 people by Crown Clinic in Manchester – Britain’s leading hair transplant clinic.
It found that men and women have different ideas about what hairstyles look best after they were both asked to choose their favourite male and female hair icons in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.
Women’s choices were:
* 20s Carla Delevingne – aged 22;
* 30s Duchess of Cambridge – aged 33;
* 40s Jennifer Aniston – aged 46;
* 50s Nigella Lawson – aged 55.
Men’s choices were completely different with a strong preference for blondes or women with fairer hair, whereas brunettes were more popular with women.
* 20s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – aged 28;
* 30s Scarlett Johansson – aged 30;
* 40s Cameron Diaz – 42;
* 50s Elle Macpherson – aged 51.
Around half the male patients at Crown Clinic seek treatment on the advice of their wife or girlfriend.
Crown Clinic surgeon Asim Shahmalak said: “There is no doubt that men are much more likely to listen to their partner when changing their hairstyle or seeking a hair transplant.
“I think this is because they are a lot less confident of their style and many men genuinely think their woman knows best. Men understandably also want to look good for that special person in their life.
“It is why we often see men coming to the clinic with their partners when they contemplating a transplant. The women often have very firm ideas on the style a man should adopt.
“Women are much more sure of their style and are less reluctant to be swayed by male persuasion when it comes to picking styles for their own hair.”
Dr Shahmalak said the big differences in the choice of favourite celebrity styles showed how men and women were poles apart when it comes to hair.
He said: “Men have a clear preference for blondes right through the ages whereas women tend to prefer dark hair and slightly more subtle styling.’
Dr Shahmalak is Britain’s leading hair transplant surgeon, known for his work with celebrities such as the model Calum Best and the Embarrassing Bodies presenter Wayne Rooney.
Crown Clinic has seen a 25% increase in bookings in the last three years thanks to the ‘Rooney Effect’, with men, particularly those under-30, copying the England captain in bolstering their hair with a transplant.