Wayne Rooney -‘the one with the hair transplant’

Manchester United legend Eric Cantona caused amusement this week with comments about stars from his former club.

He said: “The Special One, the Swedish One, the expensive one, the one with the hair transplant! All these ones they don’t make a whole yet.

“But give them a little credit, football is not a science!”

You can read his full comments here:


It is fairly obvious who the great Frenchman is referrring to: Jose Mourinho (The Special One), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (the Swedish One), Paul Pogba (the expensive one) and Wayne Rooney (the one with the hair transplant).

Wayne Rooney is (still) the England football captain, he has scored more goals for his country than any other player and he is just two goals away from breaking Sir Bobby Charlton’s scoring record for Manchester United.

By any stretch of the imagination he is footballing great.

Yet his most notable feature to another footballing great such as Cantona is his hair transplant.

This fully shows the huge impact Rooney’s FUE procedures had on the hair transplantation industry including clinics like Crown Clinic.

When Rooney went public with his first procedure five years ago there was an immediate surge in bookings.

What was remarkable was Rooney was happy to share the news with his fans.

He had been suffering problems with male pattern baldness since his teens. He wanted to maintain a full head of hair and the only way to do this is through a hair transplant.

Since then, he has had a further procedure.

Wayne also uses thickener to make his hair look a bit thicker than it really is.

He has received no backlash from fans.

The attitue has been: “Good for you, Wayne, you look much better.”

He chooses not to even though it is not a banned substance, possibly because it might take the edge off his aggression on the pitch.

We have no doubt that Wayne will have further procedures to bolster his hair as he gets older.

Why is he so keen to keep hold of his thinning locks?

There is a very simple answer: Rooney is a global superstar with image rights worth tens of millions over the course of his career.

Do you think he will be more attractive to big brands as a bald man or with a full head of hair? Of course, he is more marketable with hair  – he looks younger, fresher and more attractive, too.

It is the same reason why other high profile public figures have come to Crown Clinic for help including the TV doctor Christian Jessen (two FUT follicular unit transfer procedures), Calum Best (three FUE procedures), Didi Hamann (FUE) and Chris Steed from Gogglebox (FUE).