Wayne Rooney’s World Cup (hair) woes

We are desperately hoping that Wayne Rooney finds his form in the World Cup and shows everyone just what a world class player he is.

Wayne is lovely young man who has done so much good for the hair transplant industry.

You may well have read that Wayne has had not one but two hair transplants.

Pictures of him at the World Cup show that his hair is still a little thin in places on top. Check out these recent pictures here:


Why is this so?

As Crown Clinic’s surgeon Asim Shahmalak explains, it is because Wayne possibly started his treatment too early and he has also been unable to take clinically proven hair loss medication which would have halted his problems with baldness.

Dr Shahmalak said: “Wayne is a genius on the football pitch and he has done so much for clinics like ours. When he very bravely went public with news of his first FUE transplant, our bookings shot up by 25%.

“Many men thought, ‘If it is good enough for Wayne, it is good enough for me.’ He particularly encouraged young men – those under 30 – to seek treatment when previously they may have waited longer.

‘There is no doubt if Wayne hadn’t sought treatment he would be severely bald now. All the new transplanted hair from his two FUE transplants is permanent, the problem Wayne has is that he is still losing his natural hair. That is why you see the odd bald patch on the top of his scalp because he has continued to lose the natural hair around his permanent transplanted hair.

“He could halt this continued natural hair loss by taking a clinically proven drug like Propecia – but a drug such as this could take the edge of his aggression on the pitch. It is the reason Arsene Wenger recently warned his players not to take hair loss medication.

“Wayne has probably realised all along that hair loss medciation is out of bounds for him, so his only option is a hair transplant.

“The other problem for Wayne is that he maybe sought treatment a little bit early – before  his pattern of hair loss was fully established.

“We are extremely reluctant to treatment any patient until they are at least 25.

“As Wayne ages, I suspect he will have a third hair transplant to cover up areas where he is thinning on his scalp.

“This should result in him continuing to enjoy the rest of his footballing career with a full head of hair. No Bobby Charlton combovers for our Wayne!”