Wayne to go! Rooney hair is looking great

No one has done more to encourage men to have hair transplants than Wayne Rooney.

Here at Crown Clinic we saw an immediate surge in bookings after Wayne went public with his first FUE hair transplant five years ago.

The England football captain had that procedure when he was just 25.

He has had further procedures since then and his hair was looking great when he appeared on TV providing analysis on one of England’s recent internationals. We have included a picture of 30-year-old Wayne with his new hair from a few weeks ago.

Wayne began losing his hair in his early 20s.

Previously writing in his autobiography, he had admitted staring
at himself in the mirror and thinking: “Bloody hell, you’re going bald
and you’re only a young lad.”

Rooney proved so inspirational to men because previously few male celebrities had resorted to hair transplantation to tackle their male pattern baldness.

Rooney has a number of lucrative endorsements with big High Street brands. They would far rather work with an ambassador with a full head of hair who looks young and fresh than one who is already showing signs of advance male pattern baldness in his early 20s. Such is the scale of Rooney’s hair loss, he would be as bald as Prince Willam now if he had not taken action. Good for him.

Wayne sent out a simple message to men everywhere: balding is not inevitable and there is a simple way of permanently remedying the problem. It was great that he was happy to go public and that he faced no backlash whatsoever from football fans for having what is a male ‘cosmetic’ procedure. Men simply thought: ‘Good for you. I want one, too.”

At Crown Clinic, we have long experience of working with international sports stars like Wayne. We have completed hair transplants on the former footballer Didi Hamann and the Olympic diver Peter Waterfield. We also work with celebrities such as Calum Best and the TV doctor Christian Jessen.