What’s The Difference Between FUE and FUT Hair Transplant?

FUE and FUT hair transplants are the most well-known hair restoration techniques, both boasting proven results.

During your consultation appointment, your surgeon will discuss your options with you to decide whether FUE or FUT is best suited to you, based on the cause and severity of your hair loss – but what’s the difference between FUE and FUT hair transplants? Let us break it down.

What is an FUE hair transplant?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. During this procedure, the physician will extract individual hair follicles from the side and back of your scalp to transplant in the balding area. The hair is taken from these two sections because the follicles in that area are DHT resistant – which means they aren’t affected by the androgen hormones that are often the main cause of hair loss.

Although this is a lengthy procedure, due to the sheer number of follicles that are extracted, scarring is minimal and won’t be noticeable at all once the hair has regrown. If you prefer to wear your hair very short, FUE is usually the way to go.

What is a FUT hair transplant?

FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation, also known as strip harvesting. During this hair transplant procedure, a strip of hair is removed from the back or sides of the scalp, before being transplanted into the balding area.

Although the FUT technique is popular amongst men who are suffering from a receding hairline as the result of male pattern baldness, it is also suitable for women. Scarring is more common in FUT hair transplants, so it’s typically recommended for those who wear their hair in slightly longer styles.

What’s the difference between FUE and FUT hair transplants?

The main difference is the harvesting techniques, as FUE removes individual hair follicles to transplant in the affected area, whereas FUT extracts the follicles with a strip of skin, leaving a long linear scar. Scarring is usually more noticeable in FUT patients for this reason, although it’s still minimal.

FUE is also a more expensive procedure, as the precision needed to extract the individual grafts means it’s a more time-consuming procedure. In spite of the differences between the two procedures, they both still offer equally permanent, natural results. The key is finding a skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon, to ensure that you achieve your desired look.

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