Why are so many footballers having hair transplants?

Everyone knows that Wayne Rooney has had two hair transplants to restore his thinning locks.

The England captain favoured the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique where individual hair follicles are harvested from the donor and moved to an area of the scalp where the patient is balding. Crown Clinc patient Calum Best used the same method for his three hair transplants with our surgeon Asim Shahmalak.  This is different from the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method used by Crown Clinic patient Christian Jessen who favoured the FUT or strip method where the follicles are removed in one go by surgically removing a strip of skin.

Men who tend to wear their hair short, like Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, tend to favour the FUE method because it leaves less scarring than FUT.

Another FUE patient is Didi Hamann, the former Liverpool, Manchester City and Newcastle United star and German international, who also recently underwent a hair transplant at Crown Clinic. Didi, who lives in England following his retirement and is a respected TV pundit for the BBC and Sky, is waiting for his new hair to grow back. We will show the results of his successful transplant on this site around Christmas time.

Didi and Wayne are not the only footballers who have recently had procedures. There are several other examples in the piece here including the BBC pundit and former Leicester City striker Steve Claridge.


Steve makes his living now as a pundit on the BBC and we suspect the reason he has had a procedure is so that he will look younger for the TV cameras.

It is why so many celebrities come to Crown Clinic for help with their hair. Because they want to look younger and stay in the public eye for longer. Showbiz is an unforgiving business and stars need to do everything they can to look their best.